This Amiens Cathedral tour takes you on a jaunt through one of France’s flatter areas, to the heart of Picardy, so the impact of viewing the country’s tallest complete cathedral could not be more striking. Notre Dame de Amiens stands out strikingly from a distance, making the remarkable unity of its pure Gothic style all the more evident.

It is a 13th century structure, the last of the very tall cathedrals to be built, and is notable for its three tier interior elevation and an important ensemble of stone statues that decorate the main façade and south transept. It is often mentioned as the best example of High Gothic church architecture, and nowhere is it easier to view and comprehend the importance of the innovation of flying buttresses in building cathedrals that soar to the skies.

Paris Luxury Tours usually suggests combining our private Amiens Cathedral tours with a trip to Beauvais Cathedral and St. Denis Basilica, to make a complete day excursion from Paris. Other options include a tour of the chateaux at Compiegne or Chantilly.

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