In the last few years, partly as a result of EC-related deregulation, Paris has regained its position as one of the world’s leading markets for art and antiques. For the same reason that it fell behind, France remains one of the most untapped major sources of high quality European art and art objects.

At Paris Luxury tours, we are able to provide clients with a very finely focused private antique and art tour in Paris. Our clients benefit from our ability to direct them toward a wealth of sources for items, including private collectors, individuals and the full spectrum of dealers and experts both in Paris and throughout France.

Between our direct contacts, built up through years of acquisitions for personal interest, and the dealers at the various Marchées aux Puces (flea markets), the Village Suisse and the two Carrées (Rive Gauche et Droite), not to mention the auction houses, such as the Hôtel Drouot, Paris and France are unique sources of quality items in the art and antique world.

A considerable amount of experience and savoir-faire is at your disposal on our antique and art tour. Paris visitors can contact us in advance of their trip and we will be sure to research their requirements and assemble a portfolio of choices for them to study before they arrive, without any further obligation.

For more information or to schedule your private art and antique tour, Paris visitors please contact us at our US phone number 631-600-1120.