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Christian Dior, 70 Years of Creation

From July 5th 2017 to January 7th 2018, at the Museum of Decorative Arts

The Decorative Arts Museum of Paris is celebrating the contributions of Christian Dior (1905-1957) to the world of fashion, through a retrospective of his creations. It is an occasion to explore the world of the founder while reviewing the legacy of […]

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Swiss Normandy

We all know about Normandy with regard to its history, monuments and touristic highlights: Mont St. Michel, the D Day Beaches, its Cathedrals, artists, and charming towns such as Honfleur. Within its very varied topography, there is an area that is unique and unlike the rest. It is not like Normandy ‘s flatlands and […]

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France National Parks

We often extol France’s cultural, culinary and architectural attractions. Its natural beauty is as remarkable, and it is a country that deserves recognition for the diversity and beauty of its landscapes. Of the many classifications related to the protection and appreciation of nature in France, the most attractive and engaging is the status of […]

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The Bagatelle gardens

Out of all Paris gardens,  which number in the hundreds, there is an exceptional one that deserves attention, for it is not as known or as accessible as the others, such as the more famous Tuileries or Luxembourg Gardens. It is one of the 4 floral parks of Paris, and is hidden within the […]

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The Jazz in Vienne Festival

Dates: June 29th to July 13th 2017
For jazz music lovers, there are quite a few festivals taking place every year in France. Out of dozens, three are major, in terms of reputation, programs, performers and atmosphere: the Django Festival near Paris, the Jazz in Marciac Festival, and the Jazz in Vienne Festival. The latter […]

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The Avignon Theater Festival

July 6th to 26th 2017, Avignon, France
For those unaware of it, the theater festival of Avignon is the national main event of theater, and one of the most important international theater festivals, period, in a country long considered one of the world centers of literature and drama. Many say it is comparable only to […]

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The croissant, a European story

Since the middle of the 20th century, the croissant has been one of the most emblematic elements of French breakfasts. However few may know that this national symbol has a foreign origin.
The ancestor of the croissant, the Kipferl, can be traced back to the 13th century in Eastern Europe. As early as the year […]

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Pissarro at Eragny – Nature Regained

Camille Pissarro moved from Pontoise to Eragny in the Oise department, just north of Gisors, in 1884. On the same Epte River that passes through Giverny, Eragny became Pissarro’s home for the rest of his life, nearly two decades, where he produced nearly 400 works. It was where he embraced and developed pointillism in […]

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Pissaro the First of the Impressionists

Exhibition at the Marmottan Monet Museum  

Until July 2nd, 2017

Camille Pissarro, known as ‘Papa’ to his fellow-Impressionists, was the eldest of the group. Born in 1830 on the island of St. Thomas in the Caribbean, he was fortunate to have studied the works of an amazingly large number of renowned artists* of the 18th […]

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A taste of Paris gastronomy event

In May 2017, the third edition of a grand cuisine and pastry exhibition will take place at the Grand Palais in Paris. “A taste of Paris” is a gathering of 21 major figures of the French Cuisine world, organized around workshops, tastings and demonstrations. Ten regular names are joined by eleven chefs who are new […]

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