At Paris Luxury Tours our private Beauvais Cathedral tours are not your typical homage-rendering to the miracles worked by 13th century French cathedral builders. The interest and focus of our private tours of St. Pierre de Beauvais Cathedral is exploring what went so wrong over and over again in the colossal enterprise of trying to build the biggest and tallest cathedral in all France, which bankrupted what was once one of the most prosperous towns in Europe.

Borrowing ideas from the cathedrals of Chartres and Notre Dame de Paris (among others), Beauvais Cathedral is a mixture of High Gothic and Rayonnant styles of ecclesiastic architecture. Three different bishops, each with different ideas of what was to be done, oversaw its construction, calling into mind the adage about too many cooks spoiling the broth. Moreover, the efforts to build it were spread over 250 years!

For a thoroughly satisfying experience, we typically suggest combining our Beauvais tour with a tour of the far more successful Notre Dame d’Amiens Cathedral, both to make a striking comparison, and to complete a full day of touring from Paris. Enthusiasts of the church architecture might also wish to add a private tour of St. Denis Basilica, where most of the kings and queens of France are entombed, and which was the very first Gothic structure in the world.

For more information or if you wish to book your private Beauvais tour, please contact us at our US number (631) 600-1120.