Of all the corners of France, Brittany is perhaps its most romantic: a land of the legends of Merlin and Mont Saint Michel, Celts, Vikings, untamed oceans and brave sailors, knights and chivalry, medieval castles, pirates, and explorers. This is also the home of some of France’s finest cuisine, including arguably the best seafood in the world. Brittany’s peace and tranquility are some of its charms, and our Brittany tours explore them all.

Our Brittany tours start with a 2-hour TGV (high speed) train ride from Paris to Rennes, where we will switch to an upscale automobile. After exploring Rennes’ extraordinarily well-preserved and beautifully designed (by no less than Gabriel) Old Town, we drive on to the unique Bay of Mont Saint Michel, where we spend the first night at Cancale, overlooking the bay.

Our escorted Brittany tours resume the next morning with a tour of Mont Saint Michel Abbey and the village that surrounds it, one of the most ethereal and unforgettable sights in the world. Afterwards we visit St. Malo, the granite town of corsairs, explorer Jacques Cartier and author Chateaubriand. Our Brittany tour continues with a drive along the Rance Estuary, past its 9-14 meter tides, to visit the charming old town of Dinan, where we spend the second night, or in near-by Dinard.

The third day of our guided Brittany tour starts with a visit of the medieval castle at Josselin, whose picturesque setting masks innumerable bloody sagas of the wars of Britain and France, Brittany and France, and Catholics and Protestants, which all played out there. In the afternoon, our Paris Luxury Tour of Brittany proceeds on to Vannes, where we visit its delightful Old Town, before embarking on a 3-5 hour (your choice) tour of the Morbihan Gulf by boat. This inland sea, generously sprinkled with gentle islands, is an unforgettable sight by sea. We spend our third night in Vannes.

The last day of our accompanied Brittany tours is devoted to the city of Nantes, home of the famous edict, several festivals, the unique castle of the Dukes of Brittany, endless history, important industry, seat of a large university, and birthplace of Jules Verne. The capital of Brittany, Nantes is located at the confluence of three rivers, and is the gateway to the Loire Valley from the sea. Our escorted Brittany tour takes an entire day to explore the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, chateau, museums and the Old Town of Nantes. At the end, we take a two hour TGV ride back to Paris, concluding this Brittany tour.

Brittany is one of the most affordable parts of France to visit, and offers an excellent range of superb values, whether for gastronomy, accommodations, or general touring. Its tonic air and straightforward people will charm and entice you back for more. It is the part of France we have revisited more than all others and vies with Alsace as our favorite French destination.

For those of you who have the time, this 4-day escorted Brittany tour can easily be expanded to five, to include the extreme western tip of the province at earth’s end Pointe du Raz, the quintessential Breton town of Quimper, and charming Pont Aven, home of the artistic school that attracted painters Paul Gauguin and Emile Bernard. A meal at the Moulin de Rosmadec in Pont Aven, and a layover next door in Moelan sur mer, justify this extension purely on their own merits.

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