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Dining in Champagne

One of the most popular wine-related tours in France that we perform is our Classic Paris Luxury Tour of Champagne, Because of it, we pass whole days in Reims and Epernay quite regularly, and for our clients we routinely recommend dining establishments that provide excellent French cuisine. Fine wine in Champagne and refined […]

Annals of French Cuisine: the history of Burgundy Snails

For most of the world, eating snails is particularly difficult to understand, if not a revolting prospect. Yet the prestige of French cuisine is such that dining on snails has become one of the pinnacles France’s culinary delights. You might wonder how this came to happen?

The term “escargots de Bourgogne” literally means Burgundy snails. […]

The croissant, a European story

Since the middle of the 20th century, the croissant has been one of the most emblematic elements of French breakfasts. However few may know that this national symbol has a foreign origin.
The ancestor of the croissant, the Kipferl, can be traced back to the 13th century in Eastern Europe. As early as the year […]

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A taste of Paris gastronomy event

In May 2017, the third edition of a grand cuisine and pastry exhibition will take place at the Grand Palais in Paris. “A taste of Paris” is a gathering of 21 major figures of the French Cuisine world, organized around workshops, tastings and demonstrations. Ten regular names are joined by eleven chefs who are new […]

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An institution of its own: the Auberge du Terroir in Servon

Auberge du Terroir, 3 Place Saint Martin, 50170 SERVON.
Phone: 0(0 33) 2 33 60 17 92
There are many fine restaurants in France, as everybody knows. It is one of the highlight places for gastronomy worldwide. Some might argue that the best places are the most luxurious ones, and that often is true. But […]

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The First Restaurants

Prior to the French Revolution, if you lived in Europe and wanted a meal away from home, you sought what was available at a local inn. There you could participate in what was called the table d’hôte, the owner’s table. If he was having chicken, that was what you ate, whether you liked chicken […]

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A glimpse of great pastry in Paris

For most food lovers, France is an unfathomable source of delight. Even though most of the focus is on “Grande Cuisine,” we often forget that the country is one of the best places in the world when it comes to bread and pastry. The French capital is more than any other place filled with […]

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L’Arôme, Paris

Despite its warm colors, I will not say that I find its modern décor (à la Jacques Garcia) particularly inviting, and I was not happy being relegated downstairs in the basement (the result of our late booking), but I am happy to say that the welcome, service, cuisine and the wine cellar at this […]

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Sa Qua Na restaurant, Honfleur

I had long heard praise of the culinary talent of chef Alexandre Bourdas, owner of the Michelin twin-starred restaurant Sa Qua Na in Honfleur (and what he calls his canteen/inn, the Pascade, in Paris). Several of my attempts to dine at Sa Qua Na fell victim to his success: fully booked. At last I […]

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Restaurant Les Fougeres

Tucked away in a quiet street (10, rue Villebois Mareuil) in the 17th district of Paris, just north of the avenue des Ternes, you will be delighted to find a haven of refined cuisine, warm hospitality and tranquility. Chef Stephane Duchiron’s approach to classic French cuisine draws on the marriage of complex flavors and […]

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