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Three Remarkable Ancient French Bridges


Some of you may suspect that I am obsessed with bridges, and there is truth to that. The imagery of closing gaps and making connections is innately appealing to me, not only in nature, but also symbolically, when people build bridges to each other. When I decided to try living in France, I had […]

Annals of French Cuisine: the history of Burgundy Snails

For most of the world, eating snails is particularly difficult to understand, if not a revolting prospect. Yet the prestige of French cuisine is such that dining on snails has become one of the pinnacles France’s culinary delights. You might wonder how this came to happen?

The term “escargots de Bourgogne” literally means Burgundy snails. […]

Three ‘Modern’ Bridges

Three ‘Modern’ Bridges

One of the most beautiful bridges in the world spans the Seine River estuary just before the Seine River empties into the English Channel. It is called the Pont de Normandie, and it links the charming fishing port Honfleur on the left bank with the very industrial shipping port of Le Havre […]

Thatched Roof Circuit in Normandy


Norman rusticity is an iconic part of the myriad charms of Normandy and France. Few aspects of the French Hexagon attract the visitor’s attention as much as the appeal of simple life in the countryside of Normandy, replete with its own identity, cuisine, culture, way of life and economy. That is one reason why […]

Official Tourist Offices in France

We regularly receive emails from visitors in France who relate they are lost in trying to find information on how to get from one place in France to another. The latest asked us for help in getting from Compiegne to Pierrefonds by bus. On such occasions we refrain from advising them to book one […]

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Anticipating the Weather for Your Trip in France

Many of our clients ask us, before they arrive in France, what they can expect in the way of weather, so that they can pack accordingly. The short answer is: everything.

In the good old days, when the weather here was predictably unpredictable, we used to say that our springs are hopelessly unpredictable (might be […]

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Are the French Anti-American?

Every year we host hundreds of visitors in France who come from the United States, and a large number of them are surprised and relieved that they do not encounter any of the anti-Americanism for which France is notorious in the USA. Many ask us what has happened to it? Is it gone for […]

Why do Parisian eating establishments lose luster so quickly?

In the affordable range of the market, eating establishments that reliably maintain their standards, over the years, are rare in France, especially in its large cities. This is partly explained by French labor legislation, which imposes heavy charges on employers, which weigh more heavily with the passage of time. Another part accrues to voracious […]

Choosing a great place to eat in Paris and France

Almost every visitor arrives in France intent on tasting the renowned cuisine about which he or she has heard so much. Who has not heard endless paeans of praise for its fabulous quality and allure? To be sure, it is one of the world’s culinary blessings, and a well-deserved source of French pride and […]

Is the Paris Museum Pass Good Value?

Many of our clients ask us whether we recommend purchasing the Paris Museum Pass (PMP), whether it is good value or, in any case, worth buying. Our answer is no, a definite maybe and yes.

The PMP is currently sold in denominations of 2, 4, and 6 days, at prices of 32, 48 and 64 […]