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The Buttes Chaumont Park in Paris

Buttes Chaumont, literally the &Mont chauve&, meaning bald hill, was a desolate mining site for centuries. In less than 150 years, it was turned from a bandits’ lair into one of the boiggest, most original and attractive parks of the city, welcoming hipster youth, families and romantics in search of  atmosphere, which you will not find in any other green area of the city. The main reason is its topography, which derives directly from its historic function as a mining site. It is both beautiful and one of the less well known parks, given its isolated location and the fact that it is far from most Parisian touristic sites. Also, you need to take 2 metro lines to reach it from many parts of the city.

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An institution of its own: the Auberge du Terroir in Servon

Auberge du Terroir, 3 Place Saint Martin, 50170 SERVON.
Phone: 0(0 33) 2 33 60 17 92
There are many fine restaurants in France, as everybody knows. It is one of the highlight places for gastronomy worldwide. Some might argue that the best places are the most luxurious ones, and that often is true. But […]

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Henri Fantin Latour exhibition

One of the elusive yet ubiquitous figures of 19th century French painting is Henri Fantin Latour. He is often described as a realist, yet he also immersed himself in works of imagination. His group portraits recall Courbet. His friends included Bazile, Renoir and Sisley, but he was also close to Edouard Manet, Edgar Degas […]

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The catacombs of Paris

The city of Paris is old, and one of its mysterious aspects is its underground, part of which evolved into the catacombs. That term literally means ‘underground cemetery,’ deriving from Greek (cata or beneath) and Latin (tumba, or tomb).

In the first three centuries AD, Romans, Etruscans, Jews and Christians used existing underground galleries to […]

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The First Restaurants

Prior to the French Revolution, if you lived in Europe and wanted a meal away from home, you sought what was available at a local inn. There you could participate in what was called the table d’hôte, the owner’s table. If he was having chicken, that was what you ate, whether you liked chicken […]

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Sacre Coeur of Paris

Paris abounds with interesting buildings and monuments. Out of many iconic monuments, Sacre Coeur basilica, located due north on the hill of Montmartre (the mountain of the martyr), always stands out. One reason is its specific location overlooking the city, making it clearly visible from all points. Second, it is made of gypsum, a […]

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A glimpse of great pastry in Paris

For most food lovers, France is an unfathomable source of delight. Even though most of the focus is on “Grande Cuisine,” we often forget that the country is one of the best places in the world when it comes to bread and pastry. The French capital is more than any other place filled with […]

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Les Halles – Canopee

If you look at a map of Paris, you will find that the geographic center is home to an area called Chatelet – Les Halles. It is also the main crossroad of all subway and train lines in the city. It has been one of the busiest parts of the city ever since the […]

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Is it safe to travel in France?

Is It Safe to Travel in France?
Since the awful Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan events in France in 2015, and, more recently, the horrific carnage in Brussels in March, some of our clients postponed their plans to proceed with tours in Paris and France. After the French massacres, inquiries for scheduling tours declined sharply, and […]

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Taxis and VTC, a tour of the situation in France

Recently, the public car transport industry in France has evolved, particularly with the appearance of a new means of transportation, named VTC (literally “tourism vehicle with driver”), where we find the controversial name, Uber. This new service has changed the rules of the system regulating public transport by car, which traditionally was the exclusive […]

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