Upper Normandy

The André Malraux Museum of Fine Arts in Le Havre

Of the many Museums of Fine Arts that were created in France in the 19thcentury, one of the most unique is the André Malraux Museum in Le Havre. Like much of that city, the former Le Havre Museum of Fine Arts was destroyed during the Allied bombing raids of 1944. Almost all of its […]

Château Gaillard

One of the most memorable monuments of Upper Normandy is perched looking west on a height of 90 meters, over-looking the Seine River Valley, at Les Andelys. It is called Château Gaillard, and was a state-of-the-art example of medieval fortress architecture when it was built at great expense by Richard-the-Lion-Heart in the remarkably short […]


When traveling in upper Normandy, don’t miss the resort of Étretat, which is 27 kilometers east of Le Havre. It is remarkable for its extraordinary chalk cliffs and rock formations, including three natural arches that plunge into the English Channel, and one that thrusts out from it, known as the needle. They are bathed […]

Sterling and Francine Clark Exhibition

One of the disappointments in visiting Claude Monet’s last home and gardens in Giverny, is the realization that none of his works can be found there. However, until the 31st of October, 2011, there is a near-by remedy.

Visitors in Giverny should not miss the exceptional exposition of a selection of paintings from the collection […]

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