For the very best private Chablis wine tour, France visitors need not look any further than Paris Luxury Tours. Our one-day excursion from Paris to Chablis will take you to a wine kingdom where Chardonnay reigns supreme in a unique terroir.

Chablis’ combination of cool northern location and limestone clay produces inimitable flavors which simply can not be found in the warmer southern parts of Burgundy: a minerally, intense charged flavor that can be at once nervous and immortal, and easily equal to the best whites of the Cote de Beaune.

When it comes to our Chablis wine tours, France visitors will be delighted to know that we concentrate on the best producers of Chablis Grand Cru, with a morning tasting at an establishment producing wines from either Les Clos, Vaudesir or Valmur and an afternoon tasting with another producing wines from either Blanchot, Grenouilles, Les Preuses or Bougros. In between, we will stop for a lunch at a delightful bistro such as Au Fil du Zinc, or, if you prefer a restaurant, the Hostellerie des Clos, also in Chablis.

This Paris Luxury Tour is one of the most relaxing one-day Chablis wine tours. France tourists are pleased to know that this tour exposes you not only to one of Burgundy’s greatest wines and the warm hospitality of its best vineyards, but it also gives you insight into the soul of a region that is as renowned for its cuisine as for the beauty of its countryside.

For more information or to schedule your Chablis wine tour, France visitors please contact us at our US phone number (631) 600-1120.