Few individuals have so transformed landscape architecture, not to mention the appearance of Paris itself, as Andre Le Notre.

Let this genius of the French style of garden at its peak be revealed to you, in all his glory. Le Notre learned the principles of perspective and optics from Vouet and the two Mansarts.
This Paris Luxury Tour of the Gardens of Le Notre will show you the master’s rigorous use of those principles, his creation of expansive vistas, as well as his application of a hierarchy of values (instead of mere symmetry) to transform the art of the French garden.

You will drive to your choice of his gardens: at Courance, Vaux-le-Vicomte near Melun, Fontainebleau, Meudon, Sceaux, St. Cloud, Versailles, St.-Germain-en-Laye, Chantilly, the Tuileries and Rond Point de Champs Elysees. Your bilingual driver/guide will divulge the subtleties of Le Notre’s art, in his use of water pools, formal parks, trees, fountains, and sculptures.