All Giverny tours take their clients to see the gardens and last home of Claude Monet. Some even speak about why he created them. Our Giverny tour is unique in that we use the 90 minute drive to reach Giverny to evoke the complicated and often controversial character of the artist, to bring him to life, and to show you the countryside he loved to roam and paint. We also relate how he created his gardens, and how he made use of them.

We also trace the tortuous odyssey that led a teenager in Le Havre with a talent for drawing caricatures to the pinnacle of success in what became known as the Impressionist movement, and presaging developments beyond Impressionism, such as sheer abstract art.

This luxury Giverny tour is as much a voyage into the mind and psychology of the artist as it is a visit of what he considered his finest artistic achievement, his gardens, and his last home. We also detail some of the master’s technical innovations, which rendered his art unlike that of anyone else. We explain that in simple terms that are easy to grasp and comprehend.

Our Giverny tour leaves the Normandy auto-route at Mantes la Jolie, and takes a small road that leads to Vétheuil, the village in which Monet lived  the most bitter and impoverished years of his life with his first wife, who died there, and his mistress. As we approach the village, we can stop at a site that Monet painted three times, a view of the Seine river with the village in the background, painted when spring was in full bloom. The view today is quite similar to the way it looked when he painted it, and the comparison of the actual with what he rendered is a unique way for you to enter the mind and soul of the artist.

By the time we reach Giverny, you will have insights into what made Claude Monet the unique man and great artist that he became, which contributes substantially to your enjoyment in seeing his gardens and home. Our private Giverny tours are truly unique, memorably enjoyable, and require half a day to perform.

To complete a full day of touring, we can add in a private tour of Van Gogh’s Auvers sur Oise, or a half day tour of the Chateau and Park of Versailles, or of Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral. For dyed-in-the-wool Impressionists, we can include Le Havre’s Andre Malraux Museum of Fine Arts where the extent of Monet’s debt to his mentor, Eugene Boudin, becomes crystal clear.

There are numerous attractive options for a leisurely lunch in the vicinity, some in the outdoors when the weather is fair, or in charming country inns for those days when it is not.

For more information or to schedule your Giverny tour, please contact us at our US number (631) 600-1120.