The first Parisians left no enduring structures where they lived on the Ile de la Cite, but they gave us the name from their own, the Parisii. Their Roman conquerors changed it to Lutece, which did not last, but even today there are original Roman buildings to see: baths, an arena, streets and the crypt of a temple underneath Notre Dame, where we begin this private historical Paris tour—back where Paris itself began.

Picture circles emanating from a stone dropped in a pool of water, and you have the necessary image to conjure each succeeding era that developed the city and added its own style. From Philippe Auguste’s wall in 1190 to Philippe le Bel’s Great Palace in 1298, to the Louvre that evolves over eight centuries, this historical Paris tour progresses smoothly out from its medieval heart and successively reveals renaissance Paris in the Marais, the Paris of Henri IV, Louis XIII and Richelieu, into the golden classical age of Louis XIV and XV, through the havoc of the Revolution, into the neo-classical era of Bonaparte, the 19th century Paris of Charles X, Louis Philippe and Napoleon III, into the 20th century of Art Deco, Art Nouveau and all the way into the 21st century. Each of these eras contributes to what we call today’s modern, functioning Paris.

This private historical Paris tour will not only reveal to you the logical evolution of the City of Light, it will explain how and why each neighborhood acquired its unique character, and treat you to the stories and anecdotes relating to its key personalities, which makes it comprehensible and brings it all to life. At the end of our Paris Tour, Chronologically, you will have insights into the city that many do not acquire in years of living here.

You will also be able to easily find your way about the city. Better yet, you will have identified what interests you most about this fascinating city, and where to concentrate your remaining time in the City of Light.