Few personalities in history fascinate as much as Marie Antoinette’s. Fewer still provoke so much controversy and passion. Was she the flippant queen who heartlessly counseled her starving peasants to dine on cake? Or was she one of history’s most maligned and perversely misinterpreted characters?

This unique Paris Luxury Tour attempts both to acquaint you with some of her milieus in France and with the many facets of her personality, from the frivolous, superficial girl who debarked in France, to the austere, self-controlled monarch who climbed the scaffold, with infinite poise, in the Place de la Revolution (now Concorde) in the last minutes of her life.

This custom tour of Marie Antoinette’s France attempts to resolve the contradictions of a woman for whom honor was the supreme human quality but who so often associated with persons who had very little of it, and of the woman who recklessly squandered so much, including a good part of her adapted nation’s wealth, her youth, and the good will of her subjects—yet who always placed the interests of the persons she loved, and those who served her, way ahead of her own.

This exceptional private tour of Marie Antoinette’s world takes you to spots in France that are inextricably associated with her: from the Chateau de Versailles where she arrived as a naive young bride and where she lived her early years in France, to her flight from reality at the Petit Trianon Palace, and her village, all the way to the Conciergerie, where reality and fantasy eventually merged together and put an end to her life.

In between, our guided Marie Antoinette tour will take you to see some of her favorite haunts, including: the Bagatelle Chateau, which was the result of the bet that she lost with her brother-in-law (that it could not be built in less than two months), and the Comedie Francaise theater that she so often frequented. At the end of our escorted tour of Marie Antoinette’s France, we will trace the route from the Conciergerie to the Place de la Revolution, to the very spot where her life ended.

For those of you who are interested, our Marie Antoinette tour will conclude by showing you some of the commerce in Paris that she frequented that is still in business today, including the chocolate maker whose creations she consumed and served, one of the famous jewelry houses that she both patronized and vetted at the Chateau de Versailles, and one of the luxury textile houses whose fabrics were used to upholster the rooms in which she resided at Versailles, which can still be seen inside the Chateau.