Requite your passion for Impressionist art with our private Monet tour. You will delight in this tour’s visit to several towns that played defining roles in his life: Le Havre, Honfleur, Rouen and Giverny. Experience scenes painted by the master that appear today almost as they did when he rendered them.

In this Monet tour, we begin in Le Havre, the artist’s childhood home and where his talent became apparent to Eugene Boudin, the seascape master living next door in Honfleur  who became his mentor. The title of his 1872 painting of his impression of the sun rising over the harbor of Le Havre, ‘Impression, Sunrise,’ gave the Impressionist movement its name, and he often traveled to Honfleur either alone or with fellow Impressionists like Sisley, Pissarro and Renoir, to paint particularly in his early career.

At a later stage, he was drawn repeatedly to the west portal of Notre Dame Cathedral in Rouen, your next stop in our guided tour. No less than 20 of his views of the cathedral were exhibited in just one exhibition of his works, at the Durand-Ruel gallery in Paris in 1895. See for yourself whether, in this series, the artist captured the “essence of an instant” for viewers.

If your tour is between April and October, we complete our excursion in Giverny, where we visit the home inhabited by the master during his last 43 years, as well as his work studio. We also explore his beautifully restored gardens, which he considered his finest achievement and an endless source of inspiration for his famous water lily and poplar series.

On the contrary, if your tour is between November and March, or you would just like to experience more, we can extend our outing to Vétheuil, where he lived 3 years before moving to Giverny, and where there are more scenes that appear today as they did when he painted them.

At Paris Luxury Tours, we are pleased to offer the very best Monet tours. Our clients can count on us to provide them with an in depth, entertaining and intriguing look at the world of the Impressionist founder.

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