Our private Mont St Michel Tours are conceived to show you one of the world’s most unforgettable sights, accompanied by a private guide who will provide you with a wealth of information about its creation and many of the key events that have transpired there, all presented in an interesting and highly entertaining way.

Whether performed as a day tour from Paris, or part of one of our overnight Normandy tours, our escorted Mont St Michel tours take you to see what could easily become the most enduring memory of any place that you will ever visit. That is due to Mont St Michel’s unique location in the middle of a sea-filled bay, its extraordinary assemblage of architectural styles, and the sheer romance of its creation, drawing on legends that date all the way back to the first millennium.

There is something magic about seeing the abbey at Mont St Michel which words do not convey: you have to see it for yourself to understand its attraction. It is one of our planet’s few truly world class monuments, and the reward of beholding it more than justifies the three and one half hours of driving (one way) from Paris that our private Mont St. Michel tours entail.

The natural history of the site dates to a period when the current island was surrounded by a forest, instead of the sea. Its human history begins as a place of worship at the end of the 7th century, with ties to Italy. From then on, its story flows like a river through the histories of France and Britain: the Vikings, the Norman Conquest, the Hundred Year’s War, the Crusades and even the French Revolution. It played a role in each of these epochal periods. The guides who perform our private Mont St Michel tours evoke all of that history and bring it to life in a stimulating and fascinating manner.

Our escorted Mont St. Michel tours are performed by guides who are professional drivers and also are experts in its history. They will accompany you inside the abbey, and explain to you how it functioned. They will also help you avoid the countless tourist traps that abound on Mont St Michel island, an unfortunate consequence of its universal appeal. They will also guide you to the gentlest possible climb to reach the abbey (some 330 steps).

Beating the dense crowds of other visitors at the abbey is essential if you are going to fully enjoy one of our private Mont St Michel tours, so an early morning departure and a long day of touring are requisites of our Mont St Michel day tours from Paris.

For more relaxed Mont St Michel tours, we recommend making your Mont St Michel tour part of one of our two day and one overnight (or more) Normandy tours, which allows you to include seeing such other wonderful sites as Notre Dame Cathedral in Chartres, the St. Julien Cathedral and Old Town in Le Mans, and the Bayeux Tapestry, or perhaps elements of our Normandy D-Day tours.