In the few years Napoleon wielded power in France, he left his mark on the world and transformed Paris: partly by making it the capital of Europe, partly through an ambitious program of construction.

Among Napoleon tours, Paris Luxury Tours offers something unique. In our Napoleon tour we will of course take you to his monumental creations: the Arc de Triomphe at Etoile, the smaller Arc at the Carrousel, the rues de Rivoli and Castiglione, the Vendome column, the Madeleine Church, the Greek façades of the Palais Bourbon and the Palais Brongniart (the Paris stock exchange), the Chatelet column, and the Pont d’Iena. We can also show you several of his fountains (Mars at r. St. Dominique, la Paix at r. Bonaparte, and du Fellah at r. de Sevres).

Our Napoleon tour also enters the Louvre to view several of his portraits and impressive paintings, as well as admire that part of the museum which he completed so astutely, in part to house the treasures brought home from his campaigns in Egypt, Germany, Austria, Spain and Italy. We will also visit Notre Dame cathedral, which still stands today thanks to Napoleon, who saved it from destruction, if only to have it intact for him to crown himself, inside, emperor of France.

If you let us know soon enough, we will request visits at the Hotels Bourrienne and Beauharnais. We will also view the Ecole Militaire, where Napoleon was a 15 year old cadet, before proceeding to the Musee de l’Armee where there are numerous portraits, souvenirs and personal effects of the Emperor. This Napoleon tour concludes at his tomb under the Invalides Dome, one of the most perfect in the western world.

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