Our private four day tour of Normandy adds a day of exploring rural Normandy to our three day Normandy tour itinerary. Normandy is famous for its luxuriant agriculture and livestock, a world in which dairy products, apples and horses take pride of place. This Paris Luxury Tour takes you to see some of the best producers of each, and also includes a stop at one of Normandy’s most charming and remote towns, to give you a taste of its rural appeal.

This Normandy tour includes a visit at one of the province’s best producers of cheese, of which Normandy has no less than four AOC types: camembert, livarot, neufchatel and pont l’eveque. We take you to the village of Camembert to visit the cheese museum and where you will see the entire production processes unfold before your eyes. Your next stop in this day of touring rural Normandy takes you to one of the province’s finest producers of apple juice, cider, pommeau and Calvados, the unique apple brandy that can more than hold its own, compared with fine cognacs and armagnacs. We will stop at a farm which has been producing these products since the 17th century, in charming stone buildings so typical of the plain near Caen. You will marvel at the dozen varieties of apple that are exploited among this farm’s ten thousand trees, in terroir that can be as complex as those of wine.

Our private Normandy tour will also take you to one of France’s most important horse breeding establishments, created by Colbert with the approval of Louis XIV in 1665: the Haras National du Pin. It is attractively set in the woods and meadows in the southern part of the Auge countryside. Founded to promote and improve the breeding of horses in France, this national school produces a wide selection of breeds, including standardbreds, thoroughbreds, Normandy cobs, Percherons, pure-bred Arabs, and Connemara, among many others.

For our last stop in this four day tour of Normandy, we will drive an hour through the Orne countryside to the surprising town of Verneuil sur Avre, a walk through which offers you vignettes from a wide range of eras. We will start at the Madeleine square and its 15th century church, the 15th C. library, along the rue de Canon with its half-timbered buildings of the 14th C., Philippe Auguste’s 13th century Tour Grise, the 12th century Notre Dame Church, and a surprising renaissance dwelling in the rue de Tanneries. How many appealing small towns offer the visitor such a spread of epochs and styles?

We conclude our private four day tour of Normandy with a 90 minute drive back to Paris, passing by Dreux.