There is so much to see in Normandy that you can devote two, three or four days to an overnight tour of Normandy, and still have more to see than you have time available. Normandy also offers some of the most delightful hotels and inns in France, and your overnight stays in them will give you a real exposure to this region’s unique hospitality and cuisine.

If you only have two days to spare, consider a tour that includes Claude Monet’s last home and gardens in Giverny, the Old Town and Notre Dame Cathedral in Rouen and the quaintly charming medieval fishing port, Honfleur, on the first day, and the Normandy Landing (D-Day) Beaches on the second. If you can spend three days, your overnight tour of Normandy might include Mont Saint Michel and the Old Town of Bayeux (home of the tapestry). With four days for your private tour of Normandy, you can devote a whole day to Norman rustic produce, which includes unique cheeses, apple derivatives and many breeds of horses. We can even arrange for a private visit at a traditional Norman farm, the Château of Brouay, where the owner will explain with conviction the virtues of traditional Norman farming techniques.

Paris Luxury Tours specializes in creating private custom tours of Normandy that are tailored to each client’s specific requirements, so do not hesitate to let us know what you would like to include and the time you have available. We will then, without any obligation to you, work up a detailed itinerary, based on our vast experience traversing this province, one of the largest in France. We can design overnight tours of Normandy that unfold at a relaxed pace, never tiring you out, and proceeding from one delightful site to the next.

For each of our overnight tours of Normandy we provide a guide who speaks native English and knows intimately the history and culture of Normandy and France.