Our Normandy two day tours are designed to make the best use of your time. They allow you to choose two full days of touring from the three most popular full day Normandy itineraries: a day devoted to Giverny, Rouen and Honfleur, a day devoted to the Normandy D Day sites (in either the US, Canadian or British sectors), or a day devoted to Mont Saint Michel island and abbey. The last choice can be paired with either a tour of the Viking capital, Bayeux, and its eponymous tapestry, or with a visit at a traditional Norman farm, which is an opportunity to learn about time-tested techniques of Norman farming, including how to make the best possible apple cider, liqueur and brandy.

If you include Giverny, Rouen and Honfleur in your Normandy two day tour, we recommend seeing them on the first day, and following them on the second day with either the Normandy D Day sites, or the island and abbey of Mont Saint Michel. It is also possible to schedule the Normandy D Day sites for the first day, and to follow them with Mont Saint Michel on the second day.

For our Normandy two day tours, Paris Luxury Tours has several preferred accommodations to propose. One of our favorite hotels in all of France is the four star hotel, La Cheneviere, outside of Bayeux and near Port en Bessin Huppain. It is ideal for this Normandy two day tour, and you are likely to remember its cuisine. We are also partial to the four star Chateau de Bellefontaine, on the edge of Bayeux. For a three star establishment, consider the Hotel Churchill in the center of Bayeux.

If you have any other sites in mind for your Normandy two day tour which have not been mentioned above, let us know so that we design a customized two day tour of Normandy for you.