Paris has often been accurately described as a living museum. One of the elements that makes it such a unique city is that it is comprised of a variety of neighborhoods, buildings and monuments, each dating from a vast array of historic periods, all of which have been integrated into a living and functioning city.

From ancient Roman times, through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Golden Age of classical French architecture, through the 19th century, Art Deco and Nouveau, right up to the moment, this is a city that lives in its architecture of all ages.

This private Paris architecture tour will reveal these more subtle aspects of the city’s character, as you relax comfortably in a sedan chosen for its panoramic windows that permit your observation of the most minute details, driven by your personal bilingual guide. Apart from the usual who-built-what-when-and-by-whom, you will see the city revealed with all the human details that make it interesting.

Every Paris tour shows Notre Dame as a place the faithful donated years of labor to build. But, this Paris architecture tour adds interesting human details, such as why Napoleon needed to cover its degraded walls with rich tapestries before he could crown himself there: French revolutionaries had earlier turned it into a barn. Our escorted Paris tour is truly memorable.

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