For an unusual private guided tour of Paris, consider this Paris day tour, which focuses on an aspect of the city’s charm that may not be obvious: a guided tour of Paris fountains.

Before Baron Haussmann installed a central water distribution system in the City of Light (between 1850 and 1870), it is estimated that during the 18th century, the average amount of water available to most Paris citizens was one liter per day. That included washing, cooking and drinking, and most of it was unsafe to drink, due to the pollution seeping from the streets, which were open sewers, and which penetrated into the water table.

That detail highlights the extraordinary importance Paris attached to its fountains, which are among the most beautiful works of art in the world, and frequently are defining features of the city’s beauty. This Paris Luxury Tour examines a subtle aspect the charms of Paris, one that even the most seasoned Paris traveler will enjoy. Our private guided tour of Paris fountains takes you in depth to 15 (out of the current inventory of 288) which are outstanding for their importance, stunning visual impact, and essential role in defining the character of their neighborhoods. Try to imagine the  St. Michel or Concorde plazas without their fountains! We will also explain how the designers tried to relate their work to their settings.

Although this private Paris France tour uses an upscale vehicle to collect and deliver clients, as well as to move between the different neighborhoods, this Paris city tour is essentially a walking Paris tour, since it is only on foot that one can really savor the character of the neighborhoods which are defined by the Paris fountains we will visit.

Included in this escorted tour of Paris fountains:

Fontaine des Innocents, Square du marche des Innocents 1st district
Fontaine du Palmier, place du Chatelet 1st district
Fontaine Moliere, rue de Richelieu 1st district
Fontaine St. Michel, place St. Michel 5th district
Fontaine Medicis, Jardin du Luxembourg 6th district
Fontaine du Luxembourg, Jardin de l’Observatoire 6th district
Fontaine des Orateurs Sacres, place St. Sulpice 6th district
Fontaine des Quatre-Saisons, rue de Grenelle 7th district
Fontaine de Mars, rue St. Dominique 7th district
Fontaines de la place de la Concorde, place de la Concorde 8th district
Fontaines des Champs Elysees, Jardins des Champs Elysees 8th district
Fontaine du Bassin du Rond Point, Rond Point des Champs Elysees 8th district
Fontaine du Trocadero, esplanade du Trocadero 16th district