Perhaps no one bakery in Paris has the best baguette, but we certainly know the three leading contenders of the moment.

France is legendary for its cuisine, wine and restaurants, but these living arts constantly evolve—so the best croissants, chocolates, foie gras and bistros today are not necessarily those of yesterday. This Paris food tour will effortlessly guide you to the best Parisian practitioners of the culinary arts of the moment.

We draw on our vast network of living contacts and personal experience, not to mention that of our considerable clientele with its steady flow of updates. We also maintain a continuously updated library of dozens of guides, so at any given moment we can take you to the supplier of the very freshest seafood, show you where to find the most innovative and satisfying cuisine, the tastiest macaroons, or the most delicious cigars.

Tell us what your passions are, and we will create a custom Paris food tour to plumb them to their depths—all with the help of a guide who speaks English as natural first language who will drive you in your private vehicle.

When it comes to an exceptional food tour, Paris visitors and locals know that no other tour tops the one offered by Paris Luxury Tours.

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