Which shops in Paris have the finest bed linen? Where would you go to find Quimper porcelain? Did you know there is an entire street in Paris filled with shops exclusively devoted to crystal, china, silverware and other ‘arts’ of the table?

When you indulge in one of our Paris shopping tours, you tap into a network of contacts, savoir faire and savoir vivre that comes from decades of Parisian living.

Let us know your interests in advance and we will do the legwork before you arrive, including determining the best times and places to get the best prices, as well as how to best ship your acquisitions home.

Whether you are looking for tassels for your lampshades, someone to restore an old tapestry, or sumptuous silk fabrics, shopping in Paris will never be as enjoyable.
Driven by your bilingual guide, you will ride comfortably to each shop, free of the fatigue of looking up addresses, finding parking or taxis, and worrying how to get your purchases home.

We proudly offer the very best shopping tours. Paris visitors will be more than delighted with the selection of shops we visit.

For more information about our Paris shopping tours, please contact us at our US number (631) 600-1120.