Think of Provence and you may think of many different painters, but if you think of Cezanne you imagine his Provence. This Paris Luxury Tour is in homage to him and his land, and it starts with a TGV (high speed train) ride from Paris that lets you off two and a half hours later near Aix-en-Provence, where he was born, educated and spent most of his life.

We will use the first day to visit those parts of the city that he used to frequent (and some others that are not specifically associated with him, but which are well worth seeing). We will also visit the studio that he built and where he often painted in the last decade of his life. This tour also will expose you to the delights of Provençal cuisine and wine, at various starred restaurants and otherwise, perhaps starting with the two star Clos de la Violette with its palette of Provençal flavours.

The next morning we will drive (and walk) to, around and up Sainte Victoire Mountain, the subject he painted not less than 60 times. At the foot of the mountain in the village of Beaurecueil, we may dine at the one star Relais Ste. Victoire, with its terrace views of the Aix countryside.

In the afternoon, we will visit various other sites of Cezanne’s landscapes around Aix: the Arc river and the various bridges he painted, as well as the town of Gardanne.

Our last day will begin with a drive to l’Estaque, the village that is now part of Marseille that Cezanne often visited and from which he painted seascapes. Our visit will include parts of Marseilles that were important to his life, but which he did not paint. The choice of hotels and restaurants in this tour will be made in consultation with you in advance, if desired. We return to Paris as we came, via TGV train.