Of the five great centers of porcelain production in the Ile de France (St. Cloud, Sevres, Chantilly, Mennecy and Vincennes) only Sevres survives, although it can be argued that Chantilly and Vincennes survive through Sevres.

This unique Sevres tour of Paris porcelain can take you to visit the Sevres museum and factory, where you will see its historic collections, as well as witness actual contemporary production.

In our Sevres tour, we can also visit some of the outstanding porcelain collections in Paris: the Dutoit and Tuck collections at the Petit Palais Museum, the Cognac-Jay Museum, the Calmann and Grandidier collections at the Guimet Museum, the Nissim de Camondo Museum and its affiliate, the Museum of Decorative Arts, as well as the Jacquemart Andre Museum.

If you wish to purchase porcelain, Paris Luxury Tours can research availability, locate candidates, e-mail photos to you prior to your arrival, and design a tour that efficiently takes you see each of the choices.

We have often been able to locate items sought by our clients prior to their arrival in France, so that they have been able to conclude their acquisitions during their trip, a free benefit derived from booking our tour.

For more information on our porcelain tour, Paris visitors may contact us at our US number, (631) 600-1120.