Our private St. Denis Basilica tours take you to a site located just 12 kilometers north of Paris. They are fascinating not because of the spectacular architectural accomplishments embodied in its structure, although the three essential elements of Gothic architecture appeared here first by 1144: the ensemble of pointed arches, flying buttresses and cross-ribbed vaulting.  It is more renowned because of its role in the myth of St. Denis and as a resting place for most of the kings and queens of France. As a symbol of the human drama and strife in the evolution of Christianity and political power in France, St. Denis Basilica has few equals.

St. Denis himself was the first bishop of Paris (then still known as Lutèce) who, in preaching the heretical new Christian faith, ran afoul of the Roman administration, and paid for it with his life in the year 258 AD. St. Denis Basilica honors him. For an explanation of the myth, please see the article in our blog, date January 14, 2018, “Montmartre I.” Centuries later, at the height of the French Revolution, the spiteful revolutionaries disinterred the royal tombs and ordered the contents dumped into the Seine River. Fortunately, they were thwarted. This private St. Denis Basilica tour delves into these dramatic events, and, in the care of your personal driver/guide, who speaks English as natural first language, illuminates them.

Paris Luxury Tours usually proposes our private St. Denis Basilica tours be explored in conjunction either with private tours of Notre Dame d’Amiens Cathedral and/or the St. Pierre de Beauvais Cathedral, to make a full day of touring from Paris. Alternatives include pairing with a tour Chantilly Chateau and its park and a tour of the royal city of Senlis.

To schedule your private St. Denis Basilica tour or for more information, please contact us at our US number, 631-600-1120.