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02 July 2003
Russ and I want to thank you so much for your guidance in making our first visit to Paris a most enjoyable and memorable one.
You were so kind and patient, and paved the way for us to truly fall in love with France. You are a wonderful, experienced and knowledgeable guide and a wonderful man.
It has been an exceptional pleasure spending time with you.
Terri and Russ Kelly

20 June 2003
We hired Paris Luxury Tours for our last trip to Paris. We were taking our niece as her high school graduation gift. My husband and I have been to Paris many times but thought that using a guide might make the trip more interesting for our niece.
What a great decision!! Shahin Akhavi was our tour guide and he was just marvelous. He really brought Paris alive for us. He organized the tour in a way that helped us understand the development of the city from ancient times through modern. It was a perspective that we would not have had otherwise and was fascinating.
Shahin is exceptionally knowledgeable and showed us parts of Paris that we had never seen before. He made the whole experience fun and informative.
He helped us with everything from reservations to medications.
We would highly recommend Paris Luxury Tours and look forward to using them again on our next trip to France.
Beth Webster