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The comments below are those of Paris Luxury Tour clients who have experienced our private Paris tours, day tours from Paris, France guided tours and wine tours in France. Most are willing to share their experiences directly with prospective clients by phone or email, if you would like to contact them directly. Let us know who you would like to reach and we will request their permission to provide you with their telephone number or email address.

December 22, 2005
Tonight we close the business for the Christmas-New Year holidays and finally have time for some 2005 reflections… Fortunately we seem to be able to recall most of the extensive information you imparted [in October], and your knowledge has provided us with a sense of history and culture which we could never have achieved on our own; and for that we are truly grateful. We enjoyed your company very much Shahin, your trips [Paris Overview, Champagne wine tour and Loire Valley Chateaux] were a delight and as a guide you are held in the highest esteem. We hope to meet you again.
With best wishes for 2006 and kindest regards,
Kit and Arlette Bleakly
Brisbane, Australia

October 31, 2005
We and the Morts made it back safe and sound to our home in Modesto after a FABULOUS week exploring the ins and outs of Paris. We wined…we dined…and we got a history lesson besides. Our two days spent with you were by far the most enjoyable and thought-provoking. Both Normandy and Versailles [day tour of the US Normandy Landing Beaches and another of the Vaux le Vicomte and Versailles Chateaux] were highlights of our week and anything less than the services and commentary you provided would have been a tragedy. Once again, Shahin, thanks for your professionalism, your promptness and your attention to details. We wouldn’t hesitate using or recommending your services again in the future. Good luck.
Norm Porges
Modesto, California

October 14, 2005
I just wanted to thank you for guiding us through Alsace [eight day custom tour of Alsace and Champagne in September, 2005, for six, including 1 day in Germany’s Black Forest, 2 in the Alsatian Wine Route, 1 in Colmar, 1 in Mulhouse, 1 in the Route des Cretes, 1 in Champagne and another in Chantilly and Giverny]. Your driving was tops and your arrangements, advice, and pleasant company helped us make the most of our trip. The wine tastings at Bollinger, Domaine Weinbach, and Hugel were particular highlights. I think I can speak for all 6 of us when I say we had an altogether wonderful time!
Fran and Michael Goldberg
Bethesda, Maryland

October 26, 2005
During a recent trip to Europe, my aunt and I had the pleasure of spending a day in Paris with Shahin Akhavi [for a PLT Paris Overview Tour]. I didn’t think we could see Paris in a day, but thanks to Shahin, we did. He picked us up at the train station and off we went to explore the many beautiful buildings and sites in Paris. Shahin was so knowledgeable and interesting. He made our trip so enjoyable. We would highly recommend Paris Luxury Tours to anyone traveling to France.
Donna Husband
Corpus Christi, Texas

October 11, 2005
We would like to say thank you very much for our beautiful tour of the Champagne region of France. We knew from the moment that we started communicating with you through email that you were the right choice for our tour. Your attention to making sure that every detail of our trip was just as we wanted it was wonderful.
We had a truly beautiful day with no worries. We look forward to planning our next trip to France with your help.
Ron and Tracy Adams
Dublin, Ohio

July 20, 2005
We [five sisters] have had such happy memories thinking of our wonderful day in Paris. I have been to Paris twice before, but I have never seen so much or enjoyed my time in Paris as [much as] I did with your guidance [modified Paris Overview Tour]. We all felt the same way…. We had a marvelous time in Paris and would highly recommend your business to anyone! It is the only way to do Paris in a day! Thanks again.
Alonna Randall
Tempe, Arizona

24 June 2005
Our first trip to Paris began with our ‘Paris Tour, Chronologically,’ a day tour that included the history of Paris. There was no better way to begin our vacation. Seeing all of the sights, getting a feel for the city, and helping us decide how we wanted to spend our [remaining] time were only some of the wonderful parts of our tour.
From the moment you picked us up, we felt so comfortable with you—and in our beautiful car! Your knowledge of Paris was astounding!! We were able to relate to much of what you shared with us, and all throughout the rest of our stay, we felt like we actually knew about the city, its history and its ghosts.
I know we would not have been able to find the Roman Arena: what an experience to stand where the ancient Romans once stood. Or the [15th C.] houses that started out narrow [at street level] and got wide [as they rise], to gain more living space.
Our lunch stop was superb, not just the food, but the ambiance, your company, and the wonderful feeling of relaxation. You showed us more then we had expected and gave us many memories to take home and share.
We also asked you for a recommendation for a restaurant, and you took the time and energy to locate one that perfectly fit our criteria [Gérard Besson], and that evening proved to be one of the highlights of our trip.
Thank you seems too little to say, but I will say it – Thank you!
Lorraine, Terry and Tet
Fairfax, VA and Santos, Brazil
PS you were so accommodating, as we had waited until the last week to set up our tour. Your professionalism and personal attention were greatly appreciated.

June 18, 2005
Can we really do Paris in a day? YES!
[We] had arranged a private guided [Paris Overview] tour via Paris Luxury Tours and had been in contact with… Shahin Akhavi… [who has] lived in New York and [was] educated at Brown and very easy to understand. He has lived in Paris for [well over]15 years, and has a great love for history and art. The Mercedes Benz van was very roomy and cool. It was a warm day in Paris, and air conditioning [was] a welcome relief between visiting the sites of this beautiful city! Shahin was very knowledgeable and helped expedite our tight schedule by dropping us off in the front of the places we had chosen to visit and then he went to park the car and find us, or waited for us, so we were able to do and see more than if we were on a normal guided tour. It was expensive, but we decided well worth the money when we realized how convenient it was and how much we really were able to see of Paris in one day. He had also purchased our museum tickets ahead of time, which saved us even more time.
Jane Wright
Mesa, Arizona

June 6, 2005
I spoke with my client, Marilyn, and she had nothing but praise for their day with you [Custom Impressionism Tour comprised of Auvers-sur-Oise, Giverny and Rouen]. She said she would not have change a thing! I’d say that is high praise indeed…. Thank you for providing a wonderful experience for my clients.
Kathryn Hueth
Ogden, Utah

23 May 2005
Dear Shahin,
Mom, Tina, and I just want to let you know how much Paris Luxury Tours and you as our guide and friend made the trip to Paris everything we dreamed about. We have talked since our return how we are still thinking about all the wonderful things we experienced because of your expertise and knowledge.
I have traveled to Europe before on cruises and tour groups. I’ll never do that again because of you and Paris Luxury Tours: the difference between having a personal guide and tour groups is night and day.
Thanks again for giving us a most extraordinary adventure in France. I strongly concur in everything Pat Rink wrote in her re
Vickie, Bobbie and Tina
Knoxville, Tennessee and Ft. Myers, Florida