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The comments below are those of Paris Luxury Tour clients who have experienced our private Paris tours, day tours from Paris, France guided tours and wine tours in France. Most are willing to share their experiences directly with prospective clients by phone or email, if you would like to contact them directly. Let us know who you would like to reach and we will request their permission to provide you with their telephone number or email address.

December 12, 2007


Patrick and I are home this morning and reflecting on our time in Paris, and definitely consider the day in the Champagne region a highlight [Classic Paris Luxury Tour of Champagne]. The tour from start to end was extraordinary. We learned so much about champagne, and the history and science that goes into making the perfect glass.

Your warmth and ease was so delightful to be with. Your planning and knowledge was more than expected and so appreciated. Patrick and I will in the years to come treasure such good memories of the beautiful [Champagne] region and drink champagne (Bollinger, of course), with a new sense of knowledge and wisdom.

Looking forward to a future tour, and spending the day learning about Napoleon’s Paris. The boys and you can spend the day together, and I will meet your wife and learn the shopping in Paris!

Take care,

Kristen Moore
Dallas, Texas

December 1, 2007

Dear Shahin

France seems eons away now – but we really did enjoy our trip with you to the Champagne district [Classic Paris Luxury Tour of Champagne].

On the Friday we did a tour with “Cityrama,” I think they were called, 40 or so on a bus – information given in Russian and rather broken English!!! and it made us realise just how fortunate we were to have had our experience with you.

One could not compare the price of the two tours, but one could not compare the quality of the tour offered either. No doubt your company offers “top of the range” tours (as the name suggests) price-wise and quality-wise, but my family and I agreed the trip you gave us was well worth the money.

I do hope all those strikes we are hearing about, in France, have settled down and this email finds you well,

With Christmas wishes and regards from Scott, Trudy, Henry and myself,

Catherine Davies
Sydney, Australia

20 November 2007

Dear Shahin,

Renee and I want to thank you profusely for planning and executing the highlight of our first and only visit to France. I refer, of course, to the helicopter trip from Paris to Mont Saint Michel to the Normandy beaches and back to Paris [Combined day tour from Paris by helicopter of Mont Saint Michel and US sector of Normandy Landing Beaches]. It would have been impossible to cover this much ground any other way.

We are extremely appreciative of the meticulous planning for car and driver to meet us at each location as well as your most informative and fascinating narratives as we flew over countrysides, toured the Mont and the historical battle areas. As a veteran of World War II Pacific arena, I was profoundly impressed with the reminders of the sacrifices made by so many for the benefit of our two countries. I was unaware of the donation by the French government of the cemetery site on which over 9000 of my fallen comrades are buried ON AMERICAN SOIL; what a meaningful gesture!

Our three-week trip to France was a ‘trip of a lifetime’ for us. A wonderful 10 days in Paris. A fascinating tour of the Alsace area from which my grand parents came. Without question, the trip would have been much less spectacular were it not for your most professional aid. We appreciated also your help with our room in Paris when we in a quandary on two separate occasions. That help was truly above and beyond the call of duty.

We wish you and your Berkeley Bear wife the very best….

Reed and Renee Robbins
Stockton, California

October 31, 2007

Dear Shahin:

I wanted to let you know what a wonderful time I had on our tours in Paris, Versailles and Normandy with both you and Philippe. [Paris Overview Tour, Versailles Chateau and Park Tour, and Normandy Landing Beaches Tour] Philippe was a wonderful guide in both Versailles and Normandy. His passion for Normandy really showed. We thought that you couldn’t have picked a better person for us. Shahin your guide on the overview was over the top grand. I would recommend you to anyone. My only regret was that we didn’t have enough time in Paris to get to all the places you pointed out to us.

Health and happiness to you and Philippe for your kindness.

Michelle Baker
Ashland, Oregon

October 21, 2007

Dear Shahin:

Nicola, Lela and I thank you for taking us around Paris for four whole days [Versailles Chateau and Park Tour, Paris Gastronomy Tour, Paris Overview Tour and Chantilly Tour]. We had a great time. Nicola and Lela keep telling their friends how good the Gastronomy Tour was and what they have eaten. All Lela’s friends asked for your name and pledged to engage your service when they come to Paris. I learned much from your insight about the history and culture of France and the various establishments. You did an excellent job.

Thank you so much in making us trip so wonderful. Hopefully we will see each other very soon.

Best regards,

Felix Kwan
Doha Qatar

October 8, 2007

Dear Shahin,

We have come home safe and sound and I am glad to write a testimonial on what a great time we had with both you and Philippe. We all thought that you couldn’t have picked a better person to take us on our tours, especially Normandy, than Philippe. We had a great time. When you have to spend all day with people, it is wonderful to have someone that is easy to get along with. We were amazed at his knowledge of the events in Normandy. You can rest assured that Philippe was a great choice and I am recommending you, Philippe and your company to anyone interested in a private tour.

Once again, thank you for 3 great days in France [Paris Overview Tour, Versailles Chateau and Park Tour, and Normandy Landing Beaches Tour] that none of us are going to forget. Our trip was all we wanted it to be because of you and your people.


Kyle Converse
Fremont, Michigan

September 19, 2007

Dear Shahin,

Carol and I wanted to thank you for the two exclusive tours you gave us [Baron Haussmann’s Paris Tour and Impressionist Art in Paris & the Ile de France] while we were visiting Paris this September. The tour of Haussmann’s Paris and the tour of the country locations of the Impressionists were both excellent.

We were impressed by your knowledge of the subjects and appreciated the background history and related information. You clearly did a lot of work to prepare, and this made the tours so much more informative and enjoyable.

It’s clear that your company serves those of us who are looking for something more than the usual tour of the main sights and attractions. In Paris and the surrounding country-side there’s so much more to explore, that relate to our personal interests. You served this need very well, perhaps uniquely, and I would recommend your company to anyone who wants to explore and learn more about the history of France and its people.


Michael and Carol Ramsay
Edinburgh, Scotland

9 September 2007

We just returned home last night…

We wanted to thank you for starting out our trip on an extremely high note. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, learned a lot and in particular appreciated how you were able to keep the kids so well engaged.

We will certainly pass your name along to friends who are going to Paris.

Thanks again making this a wonderful trip.

Stamford, CA

30 July 2007

Dear Shahin,

Over the past week we found ourselves referring repeatedly to our time spent with you. [Paris Overview Tour and Versailles Chateau and Park Tour].

Of course Paris is a glorious city, and you really know how to make it come alive through stories. But for us the biggest treat was meeting you and having time together.

You truly enriched our lives for those few days by filling our memories with your kindly spirit.

My initial reactions hold.

We are lucky, very lucky.

Best regards,

Atherton, CA

19 July 2007

We both want to thank you for the wonderful time you showed us. We could not have seen or experienced Paris without your historic knowledge and command of the language. Not only do you take us to all the usual places that everyone must visit in order to “see” Paris, but, when I threw you a curve ball by coming up with a cafe that I had read about in a Travel and Leisure magazine, you knew exactly what cafe I had read about and worked a visit into our itinerary. You were a wonderful host and we both came away with a great love of Paris. Thanks again for such a wonderful view of Paris.

John and Carol Barker
Fort Lauderdale, FL

14 June 2007

Hi Shahin

Finally, I have a chance to write you and thank you for providing us with a wonderful vacation [One week of tours: Paris Overview Tour, Tour of Versailles Chateau and Park, Tour of Paris Gardens, Paris Museums Tour and Day Tour of Loire Valley Chateaux]. We had a great time and you were a wonderful guide and driver….. our photos turned out great and we can look upon this trip as one of great memories.

I hope this email finds you well and that you are busy, busy, busy. We are getting ready to head for Hawaii in two weeks. We plan a 17 day trip to the Big Island. Again thank you for everything. You gave us a view of Paris that we would have definitely missed without you. Should you ever need a reference, please let me know.

Ardy Sixkiller Clarke
Boseman, Montana

June 9, 2007

Hello Shahin,

While I was planning my trip to France I knew that I wanted to see the D-Day beaches as well as Mont St. Michel. I looked at what seemed like everywhere on the internet and found only one company willing to provide this tour. All of the other companies I contacted said that the tour was not possible.

When I contacted Paris Luxury Tours, I was told that it was feasible and that whatever itinerary I could come up with, they would try to make it work. Our tour guide met us at our hotel at the time we had agreed upon. We were able to see everything that we wanted to see at the D-Day beaches as well as Mont St Michel.

It was a long day, but our guide made the day seem short. We had lunch at a very good local restaurant in the French countryside. It was a wonderful experience. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the sites we visited. He was also very knowledgeable about pretty much everything else we threw at him: culture, history, wine, food, flowers, it didn’t matter—our guide was able to answer all of our questions. He grew up in the US, and I think that helped him to compare and contrast the French culture to our own. Things seem to make more sense when you can relate it to something.

Honestly, I was a little nervous about what I would get with this tour, but now that it has taken place, I don’t think that I could have planned a better tour. It far exceeded my expectations and I would recommend Paris Luxury Tours to anyone that is interested in a knowledgeable, personalized tour.

Stuart Featherston
Springfield, Missouri

June 9, 2007

I am the owner of a fine wine store in Sydney, Australia, and am very experienced in the wine industry. I have done several wine tours and have seen many wine regions around the world.

Out of all my experiences the tour [Classic Paris Luxury Tour of Champagne] with Paris Luxury Tours with Shahin as our guide was by far the most memorable and exciting tour I have ever done.

My girlfriend did not have the same passion as me about wine before we went but she loved the tour just as much. All our visits were fantastic and the restaurant we had lunch at was exquisite [Les Vieux Puits in Ay].

Shahin’s knowledge and contacts in the area are second to none, his passion for wine really does rub off on you!

Highly recommended to all wine lovers and travelers alike.

Richard Bowen
Sydney, Australia

June 4, 2007

Dear Shahin,

Remember me? You took my 80 year old friend, Harriet, and I from Paris/Monparnasse to Vezelay last October, along with a visit to the Abbaye de Fontenay. You delivered us to Vezelay to our hotel so promptly that evening.

I write to tell you a very big HEARTFELT THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Both Harriet and I had an amazingly lovely time with you, and found your service (Paris Luxury Tours) to be impeccable and everything we could possibly have wanted and more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!. Harriet still to this day talks about her wonderful new-found Iranian friend and the explorations we took and the countryside we saw, and that meal we ate!!!. She (and I) had so much fun and learned so much and we both just thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you.

In any case, please accept my most heartfelt THANK YOU for such an incredible service. You and your company are amazing. I know you will go very far. And, if you ever want to use me as a personal reference, please feel free to do so. I would be most honored to do so. My address and phone number are below, and you have my email.

Finally…if you and your wife/family are ever in Seattle….please feel free to call/look me up. While we live rather modestly, we love to show people Seattle and we’d be honored to have you be our guests in the City, even if just for a meal! I know my husband, John, would enjoy your company very much. He was so happy that both Harriet and I were so extraordinarily taken care of.

I hope this find life treating you well, Shahin. It was indeed a pleasure and a privilege to have met you, and have you provide such excellent travel services to us. Next time I come to Paris…I’ll be sure to call!

Pamela Sampel
Seattle, Washington

May 9, 2007


The ladies loved your tour [Custom tour of Paris for 6], and they especially loved you! We thought you were very informative. I’ll be sure to recommend you to others, and if I plan another trip for a group I will want to use you. Please keep in touch.

Stella Stots
New York, New York

April 27, 2007

Dear Shahin,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you so very much for the two lovely days my daughter and I had with you [Paris Overview and Versailles Tours].

Picking us up at the Eurostar and dropping off our luggage and then [having] the informative Paris tour was a great way to start the holiday. It was amazing: all the little ‘secrets’ of Paris that you shared. Not to put that lightly, but it was amazing how you can maneuver around Paris and find great stopping points to park and get around. So many sights to remember and notably, Notre Dame was so, so beautiful.

The following day to be picked up at the hotel and take the beautiful tour of Versailles was a lifetime ‘moment’ for me. Even with the crowds there, it seemed so much more personal with you. The tour was outstanding and the gardens and the other chateaux were breathtaking. Not to mention the delicious lunch.

Shahin, it will long be remembered and we most certainly will contact you on our next trip.

With warm regards,
Gayle Edwards

Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
Great Britain

April 7, 2007

Dear Shahin,

Thank you for all your help while we were in Paris. You truly made our trip perfect! Your insight, expertise, and care made this trip the most enjoyable one we have ever taken. Thank you for picking us up at the airport, giving us a grand tour of Paris, translating the tour at the Sorbonne, taking Ralph to Normandy [US Normandy Landing Beaches], and both of us to Versailles. I can honestly admit that after being to Versailles five times, your personalized tour was the best.

When looking back on our trip to Paris, we will always fondly remember how special you made it. I cannot imagine ever returning to France without scheduling tours with you. Thank you again for everything.

Jill Stevens
Huntington, West Virginia

April 4, 2007

Dear Shahin,

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had during our Burgundy [three day] wine tour. It was definitely the highlight of our entire vacation. The service you provided to us was exceptional. Also, we feel as though we have made a friend. You are a very kind man and we hope to be able to hire you again in the future. The hotels you selected for us were absolutely perfect and the restaurants were exquisite. You opened our eyes to a side of French cuisine that we have never experienced. It was an unforgettable experience. Thank you for everything and hopefully we will see each other again in the near future.

Kevin and Sandra Gallagher
Miami, Florida

March 30, 2007

Dear Shahin,

I want to thank you very much for the wonderful day we had in Paris with you [combined Paris Overview and Romantic Paris Tour]. The tour to Rouen and Honfleur with Frederick was fantastic as well. Frederick was really nice, helpful and kind with us. We enjoyed very much the trip, in spite of the weather. We are already looking forward in taking our next tour in Paris with you. My family sends you best regards and again thanks very much for everything you did.

Regina Cohen
Caracas, Venezuela

March 22, 2007

Dear Shahin,

There are not enough words in the dictionary to express Mr. and Mrs. Stevens trip of a lifetime. Many praises and compliments all because of you. I hope you enjoyed them as much as they enjoyed you. I hope I will have the privilege of using your services in the future. Best regards and thank you for everything.

Barbara Kirby – Travel Doctors
Huntington, West Virginia

March 12, 2007

Dear Shahin,

I don’t know if you remember us but you took us on a day tour [Paris Chronological Tour] with my mother and sisters in Sept 05. We had a great time and would love to repeat this experience with friends. They would like to do the Chronological Tour of Paris with us, which means we will be 4 of us for the whole day….

Oreste Fiume and Claire de Lesseps-Fiume
Bloomfield, CT

March 6, 2007

Dear Shahin,

We traveled with Paris Luxury Tours in October 2006. For all who may read these comments, please do take care to have sufficient time to properly plan your tour/holiday in France, especially a specialized tour (wine country) as selected by us. If you do not have the time, then you certainly have selected the right touring planner. Shahin was our guide but he is more than just a tour guide—he is a tour guru, a tour miracle worker, and a few other positive adjectives we can throw out. With just 9 days to communicate, plan, revise, and revise yet again, Shahin enabled us to enjoy almost 5 days of a private guided tour of the Champagne region and Chablis [and other parts in Burgundy], prior to our return to Paris. (And, Shahin was more than patient in dealing with this limited time frame, as I had just been cleared to travel after spinal surgery several months earlier).

This clearly demonstrated that Paris Luxury Tours had not only the contacts to arrange certain vineyard tours, but also the skill and knowledge in cobbling the pieces of this trip together for us. I say this, because the tour/holiday included his planning chateaux and evening dining reservations at the highest rated Michelin facilities, touring of quaint towns and others of historical and cultural significance, adding an array and depth to the daily events during our limited time with him.

And, much to our surprise (and pleasure), every day started early, all stops were timely and as complete as represented to us by the detailed itinerary which was sent via email as the pre-holiday plans evolved. We cannot recommend highly enough, to anyone who may read these comments, the services rendered and level of professionalism displayed by Shahin. Certainly, any future tour/holiday we plan in France (especially wine tours) will start and conclude with Paris Luxury Tours.

Susie and Rick Golden
North Miami Beach, Florida

January 10, 2007


This is a little late, but [we] women from the Midwest really, really enjoyed your tour! [custom tour of Mont Saint Michel and US sector of Normandy Landing Beaches]. Thank you.

Sandy Ott
Menomonie, Wisconsin

January 8, 2007


I often recall with pleasure the tour to Chartes and Giverny [Combined day tour of Chartres and Giverny performed in September, 2005]. I have much to be thankful for, not the least of which is to have the pleasure of acquaintances such as you.

Marvin Hirn
Louisville, Kentucky