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October 22, 2012

I wanted to take a minute to report back on my trip with Paris Luxury Tours. I utilized your services for 1 day in Champagne, 2 days in Burgundy and 1 day American D-day tour in Normandy.

All aspects of the tours were handled with the utmost professionalism, including the booking process, airport pickup, and tours. Shahin was able to provide insight around hotels and restaurants and was also able to help accommodate my special dietary requirements.

14th C. Chablis wine press

14th C. Chablis wine press

Gonzague was a wonderful host for our tours through Champagne and Burgundy. He was extremely knowledgeable around the winemaking process and all of nuances of the region. A personal highlight was our stop at Olivier Leflaive, which included direct interaction with the winemaker and getting to help “churn” the Pinot Noir grapes. In Champagne, stops at Henri Giraud and Tattinger, were wonderful. Gonzague had good relationships at the wineries and we were met with great welcomes everywhere we travelled.

My D-day tour was a perfect day. Shahin had a tremendous knowledge of the region and was able to share a lot of wonderful insight. By having a guide, I was able to see so much more than I would have on my own. I estimate that I would have needed to spend another day to see what I was able to see on my one day and I would not have been able to enjoy it nearly as much.

I highly recommend your services and hope to be able to use them again!


Ed Levin
Hoboken, NJ


11 October 2012

Our entire group had a wonderful experience. [Four day custom tour of Normandy for 8 persons with pick-up at CDG airport and drop-off at barge in Burgundy] Right now we are collectively sitting around with a glass of wine reflecting on our great experience thru Cotentin peninsula. All agree your expert,

MSM cloister

MSM cloister

thoroughly researched, and scholarly presentations regarding all the aspects of Operation Overlord was superb. The trip to Mont St Michel was equally enlightening. Most important though, was the casual, yet professional attention you gave to all our inquiries. You made our trip a special time and we are grateful.

The entire group, Tuckers, Corkums, Danahys, O’Briens
New Jersey, Georgia and California


October 8, 2012

We have been remiss in sending this testimonial to you as promised since returning from our September trip to Paris and Normandy. [Custom Three day Normandy Tour including Giverny, Caen Peace Memorial Museum, Arromanches, Longues sur mer, US sector Normandy D day sites, Bayeux, Rouen & Lyons la Foret] We want to compliment you once again for the outstanding itinerary you put together for our Normandy excursion. It was the perfect combination of WW II site exploration and experiencing a taste of Normandy countryside and village life. Being a guest at Le Cheveniere was an added bonus — thanks so much for recommending the chateau as our resting spot during our trip.

Lyons la Foret market

Lyons la Foret market

While we are sure that any of the tour guides of Paris Luxury Tours would have done an excellent job, having you — the company owner — as our personal guide was very special. Your in-depth knowledge of the history of WW II, the Normandy area, and Parisian life in general added so much to our visit. It was obvious to us that this is not just a job to you; it is a passion that translates into a very enjoyable experience for your clients.

We also want to commend you for your always prompt and thorough responses to our emails as we planned our trip. You listened to our questions and comments and always responded courteously and professionally. Working with you was a pleasure and Paris Luxury Tours delivered on every front. We highly recommend Paris Luxury Tours to anyone seeking a unique, personal and truly luxury tour experience. We are looking forward to our return visit.

Jim and Rose Sherin
Delmar, New York


24 September 2012

Let me share with you my impressions of the tour. I can honestly say I was somewhat skeptical of a 12-14 hour (+/- 6 hours in travel time) tour with someone that I didn’t know. [Day tour of American sector of Normandy D Day sites] I was also a little concerned about paying for half of the tour fee in advance. I have to tell you that I made the comment to Tamara on more than one occasion, “What happens if the tour guide doesn’t show up?”

I was relieved to find you waiting for us prior to the 7:00am pickup time at our hotel. I was pleased to find that you had spent some time in the states, and a considerable amount of time in Paris/France. It was a bonus to me that you had an Iranian heritage and understanding/beliefs of matters that were contrary to my understanding. As I told you, I always look to find “corroborating” information/evidence to support or change my beliefs. Now about our impressions of the tour. Tamara and I always wanted to visit the Normandy landing sites to get personal insight into the area, people and events surrounding the D-Day invasion.

Flag-lowering at Colleville Cemetery

Flag-lowering at Colleville Cemetery

I was only expecting to hear about the Allied’s version of the story. When you mentioned an explanation of the German’s side, I didn’t think I would be interested, but I was wrong. It provided a much more complete picture of the invasion, people and events. Your ability to describe the entire invasion strategy, preparation and execution, from both perspectives was remarkable. Your delivery was very smooth, organized and to the point….so much so that it made the 3+ hour drive to and from Normandy fly by! Utah and Omaha beaches were our priority and you covered each more than adequately. Although the weather was overcast, I’ll never forget our arrival at the US cemetery just as the flag was being lowered and Taps was played. The sun broke through the clouds and rays shone across the cemetery! What an amazing site. I’m also happy that you joined us for lunch. It was a real pleasure hearing about the French people and your life experiences. The day flew by and that is always the sign of a good tour/guide….especially one that lasted about 14 hours!!!

Although we have been to other places in France and many places around the world, this was our first trip to Paris and the Normandy area. During our travels we have been on more tours than we can count, both private and group. Tamara and I agree that the Normandy tour you provided was most likely the best we have ever experienced. Please take pride in your efforts, they are very appreciated. Best wishes for your future and thanks again,

Bill Gravenor
Austin, Texas


10 September 2012

Pam and I arrived home, yesterday, after our glorious vacation. We greatly enjoyed our visit to the Normandy region and our subsequent visit to the City of Light…. [Two day Normandy tour direct from CDG, including Rouen, Honfleur, Omaha Beach, and Mont St Michel Island and Abbey].

Dawn at Omaha Breach

Dawn at Omaha Breach

Thank you so much for making our tour of the Normandy region an outstanding part of our vacation to France. We enjoyed the sights of that part of France. Bart was especially thrilled to have the opportunity to visit Omaha Beach … up close and personal.

Kindest regards,

Pam and Bart McLellan
Ann Arbor, Michigan

September 2, 2012

On short notice, Shahin was able to put together a day trip to Normandy from Paris that surpassed our expectations [US sector of Normandy D Day Beaches]. Our group was small but there was a wide range of age and interests. Every detail from the terrain we

Cliffs at Pointe du Hoc

Cliffs at Pointe du Hoc

would encounter on foot, to the meal we would share was explained to us in advance. There was not a historical question that Shahin could not answer. I especially enjoyed his ability to provide context for places visited on the tour as well as recreating events that were significant from the German position and allied mission at Normandy during WWII.

Thank you, Marianne

Marianne Reilly
Andover, Massachusetts


1 September 2012

Dear Shahin,

It’s been almost a month since we left Paris and we wanted to thank you for your services [Tour of Louvre, Tour of Chateau de

Notre Dame de Reims Cathedral

Notre Dame de Reims Cathedral

Versailles and Classic Paris Luxury Tour of Champagne]. We not only enjoyed it, but learned much as a result. I was able to find the Henri Giraud Esprit Blanc de Blanc [Champagne] and ordered a couple of cases, and we are thoroughly enjoying it! The day spent in Reims and Epernay was one of my favorites and we appreciate the knowledge you shared with us about your beautiful country!

Best Regards,

Loretta Lucero Fiss
Long Beach, California




22 July 2012

We recently returned from France, a highlight being two tours with Shahin of Paris Luxury Tours. Shahin was prompt and professional in all arrangements made beforehand. The tours exceeded all expectations.

Garden behind the Chateau de Chantilly

Garden behind the
Chateau de Chantilly

We spent two days visiting Giverny, Rouen, Honfleur, Mont St Michel and Bayeux. Shahin arranged wonderful accommodation outside Bayeux and lunch at two excellent local restaurants. His knowledge of the places we visited and their history was comprehensive and most interesting.

We then spent a day visiting Compiegne, Senlis and Chantilly – once again Shahin’s knowledge of, and interest in, the places we visited was excellent. And he took us to lunch at one of the best restaurants we have visited in France.

We would thoroughly recommend his services and would gladly respond to any query from a prospective client.

Geoff and Elisabeth Haddy
Melbourne, Australia


June 13, 2012

Dear Shahin,

We arrived back in Dallas last Sunday evening after our wonderful trip to Europe starting in Paris and Normandy. Of course, the highlight of the trip was our day in Normandy [American Normandy D Day Tour] with you as our guide. The day could not have been any better as it turned out. Your knowledge of Normandy and the events that took place during WW2 were outstanding and so informative.

American Cemetery, Normandy

American Cemetery, Normandy

It was like being in a history class field trip. The day in Paris [Paris Overview Tour] was equally as wonderful and we learned so much and saw so much. Thank you for just an excellent two days in France. Both days far exceeded our expectations and the Jaguar wasn’t bad either. If we make it back, you can be sure we will want to take one or two more of your fantastic tours.

Thanks again,

Max B. Chennault
Garland, Texas


24 May 2012

Shahin was our guide and driver for three full days in May, 2012 [Custom tours of Guedelon & Vezelay, Chateau and Domaine of Versailles, and Giverny & Auvers sur Oise].

Lily pad pond at Giverny

Lily pad pond at Giverny

Professional, Knowledgeable, Reliable, Dependable, Flexible, Responsive, Affable, Personable, Humourous, SAFE.

Contact glassiter@midwest-connections.com for more superlatives.

Pearl and Pete Lassiter
Kansas City, Mo.


15 May 2012

How very special you made our trip! Everything was perfection. [Paris Overview Tour, Paris Gastronomy Tour, Classic Paris Luxury Tour of Champagne, Louvre and Orsay Museum Tours] The museums, the gastronomy tour, the Champagne tour, the restaurants you chose, literally everything you did was planned down to the gnat’s eyelash and executed with effortless poise. Everyone you summoned to entertain and educate us were well-versed, patient and entertaining. Please accept my ardent thanks for all of your hard work in creating lifelong memories for 6 childhood friends celebrating their 60th birthdays together in Paris. Fondest regards,

Mary Frances Plummer
Belcamp, Maryland


April 29, 2012

If you want a personalized, in-depth tour of the Normandy Beaches then Paris Luxury Tours is for you. My wife and I wanted to have the flexibility to select the areas of interest, and with guidance from our tour guide, we visited D-Day sites of great interest and historical significance.

B26 Marauder bomber at the Utah Beach Museum

B26 Marauder bomber at the
Utah Beach Museum

Our guide provided rich historical information on the D-Day invasion from both the Allies and German perspective. All this and we enjoyed a delicious lunch in a local restaurant. I would highly recommend Paris Luxury Tours to you as a “high value” D-Day Tour experience.

Brian and Dianna Blakey
Doylestown, PA


April 24, 2012

Paris Luxury Tours provides a top notch, first class tour in Champagne. As per our request, Shahin was able to arrange tours and tastings with two of Champagne’s top houses. Our group of five was treated to private tours at Bollinger and Krug. This was followed

Kevin Im party, with Epernay in the distance

Kevin Im party, with
Epernay in the distance

by tastings of numerous champagnes at each house. I have been fortunate to have experienced private tastings in Napa from many “Cult status vineyards.” Our experience in Champagne ranks right up there!

Ask for Shahin. He is well organized, professional, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Paris Luxury Tours.

Thanks again!

Kevin Im
La Habra, California


April 23, 2012

We met yesterday at 9am sharp with Amelie for one of the best tours [of the island and abbey of Mont Saint Michel]

"The Marvel" at Mont Saint Michel Abbey

“The Marvel” at
Mont Saint Michel Abbey

I have ever had in my life, and I try to always get a private guide for such sites whenever lucky enough to travel!!

We cannot say enough about her professionalism, her excellent English, but mostly her kindness, positive energy and honesty!! She should teach others how to guide!!

Thanks again!!


Joel Carter
North Bay, Ontario


21 April 2012

My wife and I had planned a trip to London and Paris for our 25th anniversary. About two weeks before our trip, one of our friends suggested that we look into the possibility of arranging a personal private tour. Having never been to Paris, we decided to contact the hotel concierge to arrange a tour, which proved to be somewhat challenging. So we went online and searched “luxury guided Paris tours” and fortunately we came across and landed on Shahin Akhavi’s Parisluxurytours.com website.

We were fortunate to have Shahin perform the tour personally and it was a fantastic experience. The tour was the best day of our vacation – we saw and learned all day. It was incredible. Shahin knew the City, the history, and spoke the language. It was so easy for us. In fact, we’re going back next year, directly to Paris this time, and we’re going to book another tour with Shahin – probably another Paris Overview or a trip to Versailles.

So if you are planning a trip to Paris and looking for a private tour give Shahin a call – you won’t regret it.

John & Kristin Fette
Wayne, New Jersey


April 2012

Dealing with Paris Luxury Tours was a pleasure from the outset. Questions were answered promptly, the tour was well detailed and payment mechanism was trouble free.

Versailles detail

Versailles detail

Pick up from our Paris apartment was timely and our trip to Versailles included a marvellous initial route through the city of Paris followed by an informative narrative of the pre history of our destination that was a wonderful prelude to our arrival. Mr Akhavi’s knowledge and delivery was first rate and meant no history book was required prior to our arrival to help enjoy our visit.

My party included young children and importantly Mr. Akhavi made them feel at ease and was sympathetic to our needing to accomodate for them in our day out.

With his guidance a very enjoyable lunch venue was found and we were all most satisfied prior to our journey to Monet’s Gardens/house.

At Versailles

At Versailles

The journey through the French countryside and Seine Valley was a mix of scenic pleasure and informative dialogue re our destination.

With happy but tiring children we were delivered back to Paris in timely fashion.

Our day out with Paris Luxury Tours was a success on all fronts.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Akhavi and his organisation and intend on becoming a repeat customer when next able to visit.

Mike Petrucco and Family
Adelaide, South Australia.


April 10, 2012

Dear Shahin,

Our entire family expresses its deep appreciation for a fabulous tour of Paris. [Custom Eurostar Tour of Paris and Paris Museums] You were wonderful!! We are still marvelling at how much of Paris we were able to enjoy in only a day.

At Les Deux Magots

At Les Deux Magots

You combined our interest in the museums and our interest in knowing more about the great buildings and monuments throughout the city and brought it together in a flawless experience. We all enjoyed our lunch with you at Les Deux Magots. Your knowledge of Paris and of its history gave us such insight we would never have known but for you. Your ability to navigate Paris traffic is amazing. You created wonderful memories that will stay with our family, especially our grandchildren, for their lifetime. Thank you again.

The Gregory Family
Mount Vernon and Lexington, Kentucky


5 March 2012


Thank you so much for the photos. You really have a talent and an eye for photography. We had a wonderful time with you and tell

Hugh Cronin and Kelly Overley

Hugh Cronin and Kelly Overley

everyone about our amazing experience in the Champagne Region [Classic Paris Luxury Tour of Champagne, for two].

The day with you exceeded our expectations – leaving a lasting memory of the beautiful region and French countryside. Il Gusto Sardo [Paris recommendation] was an incredible meal. Thank you again.

Best Regards,

Hugh Cronin and Kelly Overley
Lubbock, Texas