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Oct. 17, 2014

Hi Shahin,

Thanks again for a wonderful day [Day tour of Canadian Sector of Normandy D Day Beaches] last Saturday. Lorraine and I enjoyed it immensely. Upon our return we’ve been asked many times about what the highlights of our three weeks in France were, and our trip to the Normandy beaches is among our first response. You made us most welcome and comfortable and enlightened our limited knowledge of what is truly a significant point in modern history. It was a truly memorable experience.

Thank you as well for the list of [Paris] restaurants. We opted for the bistro you had mentioned while driving. Unfortunately the name escapes me [Fontaine de Mars]!

Wishing you continued success with your business and our best personal regards,

Scott & Lorraine Penman
Winnepeg, Manitoba


30 September 2014

I can only say that our experience with Paris Luxury Tours and owner Shahin was 5 star[2 Day Tour of British & Canadian Sectors of Normandy D Day sites]. He was gracious and very helpful from the initial enquiry through the planning and creation of the itinerary to the tour itself. He took our wish list of sites and created a 2 day tour hitting all our sites plus adding others for a wonderful 2 days.

Dakota at Merville Battery

Dakota at Merville Battery

The hotel he suggested [Ferme de la Ranconniere] was an experience all in itself and will be fondly remembered.

Shahin’s extensive knowledge of the D Day activities and sights which he freely shared was greatly appreciated and made our tour very enjoyable and a great learning experience.

I highly recommend Paris Luxury Tours.

Sheldon Bertrand
Woodstock, Ontario


8 September 2014

Dear Shahin,

Mrs. Ridley could not say enough about the Day Tour [from Paris of Gerberoy and Lyons la Foret] you gave them. They had a wonderful day… She said from start (being picked up at the pier) to the Villages, etc. – they absolutely loved the day.

The Ridley’s enjoyed both villages and were so glad you suggested adding Lyons la Foret to the Day. Her ‘wish’ was to see Gerberoy. Mrs. Ridley had seen this village in a magazine a couple years ago and so wanted to see this. She says she recognized one of the buildings from the magazine when you all arrived.

Henri le Sidaner's garden in Gerberoy.

Henri le Sidaner’s garden in Gerberoy.

They loved that you took the ‘back route’ instead of the highway…giving them a more intimate feel of the area.

And, Lyons was a treat! Not one that was on her ‘bucket list’ but, this unexpected treat was just beautiful! And, so very glad they were able to see both Gerberoy & Lyons. It was an expensive tour; but, Mrs. Ridley said it was such a lovely day – she would have paid double.

Thank you for taking care of my special clients…they have been with me for 7 years and wonderful to know & work with. I appreciate you making a wonderful day with memories to cherish!

I look forward to meeting you one day myself & taking an amazing tour with you, as well.

Thank you,

Ginger Shaffer, Cruise One
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


July 21, 2014

I am writing to you representing all six of the intrepid travelers on our trip to Normandy and Brittany [9-day custom tour of Normandy and Brittany]. Thank you for such a memorable journey. The amount of planning and fine- tuning that took place beforehand resulted in a trip that was diverse and do-able for all involved. Traveling with a wheelchair and all its parts was a challenge from which you did not flinch, and I personally am grateful for all your attention and many kindnesses. You took into account all our interests and suggested many possibilities.

Somehow you were able to incorporate World War II sites, megaliths and cairns, charming harbor towns, culinary treats, shopping, Mont St. Michel, luxury hotels, and more. Your knowledge of history is impressive and I will remember being captivated by the many stories and lesser- known facts about which you told us along the way. Your flexibility and cooperation was appreciated, as we sometimes wanted to “tweak” our itinerary. Although this was not always possible, I felt you bent over backwards in trying to accommodate our wishes. I could ask you any question, from French history to airport terminal numbers, and you would have an answer or would investigate on our behalf.

Bell Ile, France

Belle Ile, France

The suggested restaurants were almost all superb, and the hotels were exceptional and memorable. We liked the mix of ancient, modern-day, and Neolithic sights and how each appeared alternately throughout the journey so that each of our tastes was satisfied regularly. We also marveled at your expert driving technique as well as the care taken to deliver us as close as possible to our various destinations.

I suspect that each of the six members would have their own list of “bests.” This is a tribute to your knowledge of the area and of us. We recommend Paris Luxury Tours without reservation and hope to use your guidance and expertise in the future.


Heather Tuck
Bethesda, Maryland


28 April, 2014

It was our great privilege to be able to hire Shahin Akhavi of Paris Luxury Tours on April 7th for a day long tour of the beaches of Normandy and learn first-hand of the history of the [Normandy, June 6, 1944] D-Day invasion.

Our friends had recommended taking a Paris Luxury Tour and it turned out to be the highlight of our week staying in Paris. Four of us were picked up at our Paris rental apartment promptly at 7 a.m. for our full day of exploration in a very comfortable new [German] Ford sedan. Shahin explained the history of the D-Day invasion as we drove to Normandy, as well as pointing out interesting points about Paris and France in general throughout the day. (His helpful suggestions helped us plan the rest of our time exploring sites in Paris!)

During the day we were able to walk on Utah & Omaha beaches, view & go into several different sites of German bunkers, visit a WWII museum, have a delightful lunch at a wonderful little fishing town and finally visit the very moving American cemetery. It was a long day (12 hours), but all wonderful. Shahin had a very easy way of explaining all the factors that lead up to June 6th, 1944. He grew up on the east coast, so there was no foreign accent!

Plus as an avid photographer, I greatly appreciated being able to ask him to stop at various locations so I could capture something special; this would not be possible if we had booked a group tour in a minibus.

The booking process was very easy through a Connecticut address to deposit payment, prompt email verification, and it was nice having an English speaking guide to process. I had entered Shahin’s cell phone information into to my iPhone prior to leaving the states so I was able to text him once we arrived to verify the pickup date and time. It was very reassuring to me to have this easy way of contacting our guide!

Sandy Clarke
Modesto, California


24 April 2014


We would like to take a moment to thank you for the excellent service and tour [Two day tour of Normandy] that we received during our recent trip to France. We were so pleased with your recommendations for our two days outside of the city. Having our children along presented some concern, but your suggestion to break up the trip out to the Normandy Beaches was a great suggestion. Giverny and the tours of Monet’s homeplace were exceptional and quite interesting for both my husband and myself as well as the children. The stops along the way were well planned throughout and allowed us to enjoy the trip to Bayeux. A wonderful place, with an excellent dinner suggestion (including making the reservations for us!).

The tours of the D-day beaches and American cemetery were spot on with our expectations and I can say that my husband was truly enthralled by the entire experience. Although the weather gave us a bit of a problem in the morning, your navigation throughout the day was excellent. The communication of history during the car ride was especially helpful in orienting ourselves immediately upon arrival.

Overall the booking process, timeliness and information provided during our tour was top rate. I would certainly recommend anyone visiting Paris or local areas to Paris to check out Shahin and Paris Luxury Tours as they are top rate!

Melissa Seymour and family
Raleigh, North Carolina


10 January 2014

My husband and I decided to book a tour to the beaches of Normandy with Paris Luxury Tours for our honeymoon in December. My parents went on the same trip the year before and couldn’t stop talking about how interesting and moving it was, so we knew we were in for a treat. However, we couldn’t have predicted just how truly amazing the experience would be. [Day tour from Paris of US sector of Normandy D Day sites]

Shahin, our guide and the owner of Paris Luxury Tours, was informative, kind, and went above and beyond to make our visit special. It started bright and early when he picked us up at our hotel in Paris. What followed was a history lesson tailored to our previous knowledge and areas of interest while we drove out of the city and through the magnificent countryside.

Major Richard Winters

Major Richard Winters

When we arrived at our first stop, a museum erected where John Steele caught his parachute on a steeple, we were both equipped with the background information to appreciate what we saw. After the museum, we drove to see the memorial statue of Major Winters, a famous WWII officer and subject of the Band of Brothers series. Shahin reminded us that the night he landed, a fog had rolled in causing him to land way off course. He challenged us to imagine the night as Winters made his way across enemy territory, surrounded by Nazi forces, to his intended landing destination and carried out his mission.

We continued on to Utah beach, where we walked along the causeway over to look at a German fortification, and strolled back to the car on the beach. It was strange to be there, standing on the same sand, where thousands died in one of the most significant military operations in world history. And, somehow, at the same time, it was remarkably beautiful.


We continued on to a statue erected to honor the naval forces before heading to lunch at La Marée, which serves some of the freshest catch you can find. The three of us enjoyed scallops, oysters, and wine while my husband, Shahin, and I talked history. From lunch we traveled four miles west of Omaha Beach, to the Pointe du Hoc.

La Pointe du Hoc

La Pointe du Hoc

We walked along the craters left from the Allied air raids and into the German fortifications which housed the 155-mm guns, the target of the invasion. Here, about 230 army rangers [had been] trained to scale an 80-100 foot cliff in order to overtake the German battery. Of the 230 who made the assault, only about 90 were left in fighting condition once they completed their mission. We continued from the Pointe du Hoc on to the American Military graveyard, where 9,387 American soldiers were put to rest. I’ve never, in my life, seen a more breathtaking cemetery. Again, I felt a real connection to the war, and to everyone affected by it, in a way I’m certain would not have otherwise been possible.

Before we headed back to Paris, we drove along Omaha beach, and again Shahin added several stories and pieces of information to complement what we saw. After a long day, we arrived back at our hotel in Paris, our minds still lost in another place and time. Though I’ve tried, I don’t think I can fully articulate how special this trip was, or how lucky I feel to have experienced it. Thanks for a wonderful time!

Megan Converse

Los Angeles, California


January 7, 2014


David, Catherine and I continue to reflect on our recent trip to Paris and how much we enjoyed it. Our two days with you were high points [Tour of Old Town and Notre Dame Cathedral in Chartres plus the Chateau de Breteuil & Classic Paris Luxury Tour of Champagne].

Notre Dame de Chartres

Notre Dame de Chartres

I appreciated the ease of making the arrangements in advance of the trip and the recommendations you made to enhance the days, including the trip to the chateau, the visits to the Champagne houses and the great restaurants that you suggested. I appreciated how clearly you indicated what was included in the costs and what we needed to be prepared to pay ourselves. We appreciated the comfort of your car, which is important if you are spending a significant amount of time in it each day, and your expert driving!

Chateau de Breteuil

Chateau de Breteuil

Most of all, we appreciated the information you provided in the car on the way to our stops and during our visits. Your knowledge is comprehensive but also wide-ranging and that made it really interesting for us.

I highly recommend you to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and companionable guide.

I hope to be contacting you some time in the next few years to help with another trip to France.


Anne Nobles
Indianapolis, Indiana