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Alleged tomb of Leonardo da Vinci in chapel of Chateau d'Amboise

Assumed tomb of Leonardo da Vinci in the St. Hubert chapel, Chateau d’Amboise


February 18, 2020

I recently had the pleasant experience of booking a tour with Paris Luxury Tours to complete our itinerary of exploring Leonardo Da Vinci in France [day tour from Paris of Le Clos Lucé and Amboise & Chambord Chateaux by train and car]. We had visited the Da Vinci exhibition at the Louvre and wanted to explore the country side where Leonardo spent his final years. Paris Luxury Tours took our input and created a delightful agenda of visiting Amboise, where Leonardo lived his later years and then on to Chambord Castle, which is believed to be designed by Da Vinci, and the famous [double] helix staircase. We found our guide to be incredibly knowledgeable on both the subject of Leonardo and on the history of France and the surroundings that we were visiting. They arranged the train transportation, car rental and excursion throughout the area. Additionally, they chose a delightful restaurant [Rendez-vous des Gourmets, in Bracieux] for lunch in the countryside. The tour, the arrangements, the commentary and the lunch all exceeded our expectations.

I have had the pleasure of booking other tours with Paris Luxury Tours and each time the experience has exceeded expectations. We particularly like the ability to give our input to what we would like to see or visit and have them arrange an itinerary that ensures we maximize our time in the chosen area.  I would not hesitate to recommend this group for any outing [in France].

Happy Traveler Patti
Sausalito, California