Chantilly at duskA tour of the chateau at Chantilly is a short-cut to understanding the power and magnificence of the nobility in France. It can be argued with some success that the power of its creator, the Constable Anne in the 16th century, was equal to that of the crown. But it is nevertheless true that none of the previous royal palaces held a candle to the elegance of Chantilly.

This Paris Luxury Tour brings you to the domain of France’s illustrious Montmorency and Conde families, and to a museum of world class stature, with paintings and drawings of Giotto, Fillippino Lippi, Raphael, Botticelli, Watteau, Ingres, and Delacroix. The park at Chantilly is also among the most magnificent in France. Chantilly, furthermore, is where 3000 thoroughbred horses routinely train for racing, and is the seat of one of the most important horse riding schools in France, housed in the magnificent 18th century stables designed by Jean Aubert, which you also will visit.

This tour is usually proposed in tandem with visits to the nearby ancient royal city of Senlis and the imperial palace at Compiegne, to make a complete day of touring in the region. For details of those visits, please consult the Senlis tour and Compiegne tour pages.