Lorraine is where much of World Wars I and II were fought. We begin this private tour by driving you from Paris directly to Verdun, where you will inspect the fields of battle of the first world war, in the company of a personal bilingual driver/guide who is adept in its history.

This is where nearly 800,000 soldiers lost their lives during an epic battle that lasted almost 20 months. You will visit the Faubourg Pave Cemetery, Maginot Monument, Tavannes Monument, Vaux Fort, Verdun Memorial, Douaumont Fort, Douaumont Ossuary and the Bayonet Trenches. Crossing over to the west bank of the Meuse River, we will visit the Dead Man Monument, Cote 304, Montfaucon Butte, and the American Cemetery at Romagne-sous-Montfaucon.

Our first day concludes in the city of Metz, where we will spend the night, and, perhaps after a stroll through the old town, we will sample some Lorraine cuisine at the one star Au Pampre d’Or restaurant, located in a 17th century building. The next morning we will visit the St. Etienne Cathedral with its remarkable stained glass windows. If you happen to be an archaeology buff, we can also visit the extraordinary Gallo-Roman collection at the Musee de la Cour d’Or.

Then we drive on to Nancy, the capital of the Dukes of Lorraine, where you will see the Place Stanislas, the Ducal Palace, dine at the Excelsior Flo brasserie, which is remarkable for its Art Nouveau furnishings and traditional cuisine. Nancy was strongly influenced by the Art Nouveau movement, and we will later visit several remarkable buildings in that architectural style.

Our tour of Lorraine finishes in the late afternoon with a visit to the ancient 14th century Porte de la Craffe, before driving back to Paris.