This private tour of Senlis is not simply a visit to an ancient royal city. It is a step back into a long distant past not often accessible to the visitor of modern France, as if you have been taken in your personal time machine to a place where time stood still, long ago. Through its charm and its quaint, narrow and winding streets, you are transported to another era, although perhaps not as far back as when the Capet dynasty was established here in 987. Senlis is the ancient capital of Carolingian kings, who built a fortified town on older Gallo-Roman ruins. Much of the original Roman ramparts and many of the original portals and bastions can still be visited today

And what better way to see it is there than in a private horse-drawn carriage that takes you to the twelfth century Notre Dame Cathedral, the Jardin du Roy (king’s garden) situated in the Gallo-Roman moat, the charming place du Parvis, the old royal castle and the old town? We will enter the cathedral, which was begun shortly after the basilica in St. Denis and prior to the the cathedral of Paris. We will also explore the gardens, the old royal castle and the Hunting Museum. Senlis is the town in when Séraphine Louis (commonly referred to as Séraphine de Senlis) achieved recognition as a self-taught naïve artist. Some of her works can be seen in Senlis, if that is of interest to you.

Paris Luxury Tours usually proposes this private tour of Senlis in conjunction with its tours of Chantilly and Compiègne, to make a full one day excursion from Paris. For details of those, click on them in the drop-down menu that appears when you place your cursor over the ‘Private Day Tours from Paris’ link at the top of almost any page in our website. Senlis is also an ideal place to have a leisurely country luncheon, such as in the charming 17th century dwelling that houses Le Julianon bistro, or at the Le Scaramouche bistro.