A visitor to Vezelay is often suffused with a sense of peace that seems to emanate from the site itself. Once you are exposed to it, you will want to return. We have returned to it countless times, simply to experience again its aura.

This tour of Vezelay requires a drive of two hour and 1/2 hours from Paris, but it transports you to another age, one of pilgrims performing homage at the church that shelters the relics of Mary Magdalene. Vezelay is associated with a Benedictine order, but it also had ties to Assisi.

The present structure was undertaken in 1150 and finished in 1215. It contains one of the most remarkable assemblages of 12th C. sculptures in the world.

Vezelay is also closely associated with the Crusades: it is where the second crusade was decided, where Philippe Auguste and Richard the Lion-heart met to depart on the third, and where Saint Louis made several pilgrimages before embarking on the seventh.

Paris Luxury Tours usually proposes this guided tour of Vezelay in conjunction with its tour of Bourges, to make a complete one day excursion from Paris. Almost as worthy of homage is the nearby fabulous Esperance restaurant with its precious twin stars in Michelin. Their week-day luncheon set-meal is one of the greatest bargains in the world of gastronomy.