When it comes to wine tours, France undeniably has some of the very best. And at Paris Luxury Tours, our France wine tours are private tours led by guides who live year-round in France. So when you book with us, you can choose dates anytime throughout the year that are convenient for you.

Our France wine tours provide a unique experience for every one of our clients, who receive the full focus of our undivided attention, and that of their guide. And since each one of our tours is private, our clients will receive the one-on-one attention they deserve.

At Paris Luxury Tours, we propose 2 distinct wine tours: those that are performed as day tours from Paris, and a selection that require overnight stays in the wine producing regions.

In both, our France wine tours are led by cultivated bilingual guides who have excellent knowledge of the wines and how they are produced, as well as the cuisine and culture of the region you visit, and who drive our clients professionally in private upscale vehicles.

For locations distant from Paris, such as Alsace, Bordeaux, the Rhone Valley and Provence, we use France’s wonderful high speed (TGV) trains to reach those regions, where we switch to upscale vehicles for local transportation.

Our approach to touring is simple and straightforward, one that de-mystifies the wine appreciation experience. We focus on wines that appeal directly and immediately to our clients’ palettes without any conjuring or snobbery; and we cater equally well to beginners and experts in the art of appreciation and enjoyment.

These carefully planned excursions not only take you to some of the best producers in each region, but they also open doors to warm hospitality extended by producers who are immensely proud of their products. As a result, these tours will take you into their world, which they are pleased to share with you, and which is a genuine pleasure to discover and experience.

If you are looking for an exquisite wine tour, France visitors and locals alike, please contact us at our US number, (631) 600–1120.