Take the time to leave Paris and explore the extraordinary depth of France’s culture and character by visiting its many provinces. Catch a glimpse of what the French themselves call ‘Deep France.’ You will be delighted to discover that, although France is one country, it is also many different ones, each region with its own customs, cuisine and identity. Much of it is rural and agricultural, with some points in common. Many of its metropolises are unique. You cannot easily compare Strasbourg with Nice, Bordeaux, Rouen, Paris or Rennes.

Our private France guided tours reveal to you what is unique about each province, whether in Brittany, Normandy, Burgundy, Champagne, Lorraine, Alsace, the Loire Valley, Provence, the French Riviera, or its myriad other regions. Each of our private guided tours of France is led by your own personal guide, who speaks English as natural first language, and who has an insider’s view of what is unique about each region. They are cultivated university-trained experts in the history and culture of France who are, above all, pleasant company. Many are natives of the regions they show you. Others have learned what is unique about those regions from native friends.

Our private France guided tours take you efficiently and directly to the most interesting sights and attractions in the provinces you visit, updated with repeated experiences.

We use France’s superb TGV (high speed train) rail network when that saves time, and we switch to upscale automobiles when we have arrived at distant destinations and need them. We not only choose, in consultation with you, the nicest places to dine and reside, we also make sure that they are establishments that truly reflect authentic local character and color. We are firm believers of doing in Rome as the Romans do.

Completing the exceptional nature of our private guided tours of France, each of our guides is an expert driver who is professionally licensed by the French state, and they carefully drive our clients in upscale vehicles that are meticulously chosen for luxurious comfort. Our vehicles are provided and scrupulously maintained by a major car rental company, which also ensures that they are always new vehicles, often brand-new.